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Too Big For Rollercoasters?


Okay here's my question. I've been asked to go to six flags over texas, I'm 6'5 and weigh in at 400 pounds, I have a 64 inch chest and a 56 inch waist. Can my huge ass even fit on one of these rides or is it just a waste of time for me to go?


I'm 6'5 240 and I barely fit in many of those rides. I wouldn't count on having too much fun. You could try calling and asking. They might be able to give you a better idea of what to expect.


Indeed. It all depends on the ride though.

I'm 6'4 270, and my primary problem is that my lower leg is so long, that the rides that have the safety bar you're supposed to pull from in front of you onto your lap won't fit past my knees.

However, some rides are made in a way that it's no problem.

I was at King's Dominion last summer, and most rides have warning signs as you enter the line stating whether a "larger individual" will have issues fitting into the seats.

As Boondoggler said, I'd recommend calling ahead and inquiring.


Calling was the first thing I did, unfortunately they told me that the best thing I could do was to try the seats available before you get in line for the ride and see if I could fit. That would require me paying to get in first though. So they weren't a big help, the only useful info I got was it's more to do with height than anything if I was 5'10 and 400lbs I might have a better chance of fitting lol.


I would think probably no. I hope you're not bulking...


Again, I'll emphasize that the type of ride makes a big difference.

Like I said, it's the length of my legs that cause me the most problems, but only in regard to the "lap bar" rides.

One of my friends, however, who is a ridiculously thick 315 pounds, has his own problem with the rides that have those chest harnesses that come down from above. He was just too thick through the chest and back for it to click into place.

3 roller coaster employees couldn't get it to click secure, so I had to get out from my seat and give it a shove, and it gave the faintest click.

My friend was absolutely horrified during the entire ride that it was going to break loose. Good times...


I see what you're saying my main concern was the chest harness rides. I didn't want to have 3 guys trying to secure it just have to get off for being to big I'm to sensitive for that (tear) lol. I've been bulking since I was born plus I'm a offensive lineman for OU.


That's exactly what happens with me. I have a pretty long torso and I have to slouch to get it to click once. It makes for a pretty uncomfortable ride.


Guys, If you dont fit right on the ride, dont do it.If your harness isnt catching and your legs are hanging too low, somethings bound to go wrong. Unless your looking for that extra rush from the fear of flying off of the ride at 40mph(or more).


Agreed. I seriously doubt any 400lbs guy is going to fit on ANY ride. Those rides were tight to me years ago and I couldn't have even been 200lbs at the time.


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You won't fit on many/any rides at six flags. The engineers who designed the rides for them used a mean of 5'10" and 170 lbs in designing the seats for the rides at six flags.

However, a few parks around the country do offer a big and tall ride section. You would need to call the park ahead of time and see if they have it.

Go OU!



Why don't you try crossing your legs at the ankles? Or is it still a problem then?


Trust me, I tried every possible configuration, there just isn't anywhere I can put my feet to make my legs go lower, unless I stick them out the sides of the roller coaster...

Luckily, it's far less embarassing to have to leave a roller coaster due to not fitting when you're muscular, rather than being obese.