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Too Beautiful For The Gym

Dan John recently wrote a great article about getting a workout by improvising with various equipment around the house. The article was great and I could not agree more with what he said. About five months ago I quit my job at a gym and afterward I was not able to afford a membership to other gyms because I am a struggling artist in NYC. But being dedicated to fitness I had to improvise. So I started a workout program where I was outside 2-4 times a week. Each workout consisted of running, sprints, and bodyweight exercises(pushups, pullups, dips, planks,etc.) Before I started this program I could barely run 3.5 miles with my friend. And I thought I was in pretty good shape. But just a few a hours ago I knocked out 2.5 miles of running with 200 bodysquats, 150 pushups,15 pullups, and 40 dips. An amazing workout. I have to keep all my pants up with a belt now and my shoulders and legs have filled out quite nicely. And for most of this time my diet was not to great and I still lost weight. But the point is I completely agree with Dan. Get your ass outside and play.

I am going to enjoy this nice New York November for as long as I can. I recommend others enjoy the weather as well. Now my program is do to circumstances, but if anyone needs a break or wants to spice up their workouts I suggest getting outside and doing something. I’ve tried many programs on T-Nation and the best one I tried was Waterburys Outlaw program. But a close second is what I am doing now. And a nice bonus is that I have not had this much fun working out in a long time. I feel like kid being outside so much. Running hills, carrying bricks, doing pushups and having people honk at me as they drive by. Or having so old man walk by and say “Man that is pretty good, I wish I could do that.” Good times. It is 60 degrees in Nov. in the NYC so I am going to enjoy this beautiful weather for a long as I can. No point in staying inside when it is about to snow for 3 months. +

[quote]Znug wrote:
I have to keep all my pants up with a belt now[/quote]

That’s impressive.

I’ve never understood the whole honking at people who’re working out outside thing. Someone explain?


People honk because the following reasons:

1.) They are dumb
2.) They think they know you
3.) They want to distract you so you run into the street and get hit by a car.
4.) They want you to turn and look so they can throw a 60 oz big gulp of rotten soda on your face
5.) They want a reason to distract themselves and crash their car into you.
6.) They wanted to let you know they understand what you are doing, as they chug some pepsi and eat a triple thickburger from hardees.

I am ,also, too beautiful in the gym. When I do my smith machine squats, all the girls come over to back spot me.

When I do my 10 lbs bicep curls in the powerrack, all eyes are on my biceps. Everyone loves me. The girls can’t get enough of me. They even offer to carry me home after I’m finished cycling on the machine as if I’ve just won tour de France. It must because of the highlights and haircut I just got.

I make Brad Pitt look like Shrek,