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Too AStupid To Be President

Here is one funny site about Bush

and here are some pics that the Bush lovers will love

president moe

Gollum Bush

Master and Commander

Bush undercover

Bush serving beer

Look Pa

Alfred Bush

Duct Tape

Comparing Bush to Hitler? Come on, that’s degrading the memory of Der Fuhrer. That site is stupid too. It’s probably run by Jews. Vote Tom Metzger. 88

[quote]Wasted_Years wrote:
Duct Tape[/quote]

How great is this? Very, very great…

dude needs some pirecetam, but i bet it’ll be ilegal in 3 years. . .

I have to agree with Pretzel on that one… though our personal views may differ… Hitler was truly an awesome leader… un-like any in our history… if it wasn’t for the fact that he had Parkinson’s and hurried into Russia too soon, we would all be speaking German by now…you may not like to hear it but iiiiiiiiiiiiits true

PS Norris 04

Pretzel Logic, MaynardMeek,

I have been hanging around the forums for some time, and read the political posts with interest - and often with disappointment, as debate and “free speech” seem too often be seen as excuses for crude bashings and outright insults. I recognise that no one is forced to take part who is not up for a few strong words, so I kept out.

But now I cannot anymore: Some of the pictures were funny, most of them dumb - like the Hitler one. I don’t mind that. But taking that as inspiration for talking of Hitler as “a great leader” is simply wrong. He “led” Germany into a horrifying war that killed millions - and was responsible for millions of deaths in his own country, even without the war.

Anyone who oversees these facts, should go back to reading history books, or even better ask people who actually lived in “his” Germany. Then think: No one, who is responsible for things like these, can ever be named a “great leader”. I dearly hope I misunderstood you guys.


mini bush

the great leader

bush and cheney

the great reader

liar liar

Makkun, you are very correct in your analysis. However, had Hitler died in 1938 he would have been hailed as a great leader. He did great things for the German people and restored their national pride. Too bad he didn’t stop there. As a result of his actions he has given the German people a black eye that has been slow to heal. And here is where we may see the similarity between Hitler and Bush. Bush has severly damanged the worlds opinion of Americans. Is invading Iraq for oil so different that invading Poland?