Tony Robbins

You will love this. I just saw Tony Robbins, master motivater, claim that he can bench press 525. I know he is a big guy, 6’4", 240lbs. They showed him in a golf shirt, not covered up by a suit; if this guy benches 525, I am sure I can out-bench Dave Tate. What a bull-shitter!!!

Tony Robbins CAN bench 525.


Where was it that you saw Tony when he made this claim? Was it live or an infomercial or video? Actually Tony is 6’7" tall and a very large man. He was about 5’5" in high school till he got a tumor on his pituitary gland one summer and shot up over a foot. He topped out at 6’7". This is why his head, hand and feet are so big. I attended his Mastery University in St. Thomas and Hawaii and when we talked and he shook my hand, his completely engulfed mine. By the way, Skip Lacour, the natural Team Universe winner was there also. This is where he first got the idea for his Think Big books and line of merchandise. I’ll give Skip credit. Tony kept us going 16 to 20 hours a day for ten days at each retreat, and skip would still get up every morning and go to the gym before starting. Pretty hardcore. Anyway, I appreciate a lot of Tony’s ideas and teaching on NLP and neuro linquistic programming, however his ideas on nutrition are almost laughable. He believes in a vegitarian/fruitarian type diet with not meat products. He says to eat nothing but fruit from the time you get up for as long as you can make it. He then eats another granola, tree hugging hippy type meal in the late afternoon. This was probably the worst part of the total 20 days for me. Suffice it to say, although I would say he is stronger than the average bear, there is no way he can bench 525lbs. Maybe he said 325lbs and was mis quoted. I could probably believe that. Oh yeah, Tony was actually a partner with Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, the folks that started the Hygenic diet graze years ago. This was the no food mixing diet ie, you could have protien with green leafys and veggies or you could have starchy carbs with leafys and veggies, but never mix protien with carb. They said that carbs required an alkaline base in your stomach to digest and protien a acidic base and if you combined the two they would never digest. They would sit, putrify, grow bacteria, poison your body, destroy your colon, give birth to the anti-christ and bring on armageden etc. Like I said, nutrition is not his strong suit and he was more a cardio freak than a weight lifter. Maybe he has changed his tune, you never know. Again, let me know where you saw him. Thanks.

I believe Mr. Robbins is a great deal taller than 6’4". Closer to 6’9", if I remember correctly. Considering his build, and the fact that his size is due to a form of acromegaly, I seriously doubt he can bench anywhere near that weight. BS sells tapes I guess.

You should have asked him to back up his claim (if you saw him in person that is)!!! But, ya, I doubt he can bench 525…but most people that go to his seminars probably aren’t avid weight trainers, so they wouldn’t know better.

If he does have acromegally, it would be intresting to watch him attempt the lift. Since the disease manifests itself as a connective tissue weakness (with many people dying from perforated aortas) his elbows may possbily tear through his skin as his tendions rupture, causing his ulna and radius bones to smack him on his huge, dumbfounded face as he stares at his new stubby arms by the light of his gleaming, abnormal sized teeth.

My sister-in-law was watching QVC or one of those channels that hawk goods. I was sitting in the room amused at the nonsense. He said he started out benching 125, but through new workouts and self-motivation, he jumped to 525. He did look awfully tired, maybe he slipped. Nah… A guy like that doesn’t slip tooo much.

Tony was actually training with Lee Haney for a while. No shit! I saw them training together about a year ago on a television show. They were talking about how Lee was changing him physically and shit- getting stronger. As a matter of fact, there’s an article somewhere on T-mag talking about Tony training with Lee Haney. I don’t know if this means he can bench 525. He’s a big motherfucker, but I doubt it.
I believe the guy has some really great points and philosophies that can truly make a difference in some things if you really commit to it- as someone pointed out, Skip La Cour makes full use of his stuff, and Bill Phillips actually credits him for his original business success before he stole it all and turned it into a fruity scam. Also, the ISSA, which Charles Staley and Fred Hatfield are co-founders of promotes Tony’s materials.

As far as his nutrition philosophy, it truly does suck balls. but, the key is, his target audience isn’t bodybuilders, or even people who want muscle. just people who don’t want to be fat. And with that program, you’ll lose fat, along with muscle.
All in all though, I’ve used some of his techniques with great results. Some of his shit is fruity, cause he’s gotta get the 3 a.m. shmucks, but if ya look past that, he’s got some goos stuff.

Wasn’t Robbins being trained by Mentzer at one time?

No, It was Mentzer, according to the T-mag article. San Diego, I believe,and Mentzer and Tony were training together. I hate it when facts get skewed. Personally, I don’t care what he benches, or anyone else for that matter. The only thing that concerns me, is my own personal progress.

mentzer began training robbins after seeing the great progress of one of his own bodyguards.don’t believe me chech out mentzers website.oh yeah bill real thought out reply ,frustration a bitch.

Yes, I also read where Mentzer said he was training Robbins. We all know that Mentzer prefers the use of free weights over machines, so that is probably what Robbins is talking about. He probably benches on some sort of nautilus type of machine. There is no way he benches anywhere close to 500 Lbs. I use to have a tall skinny friend who told me he was benching 350 lbs, but when I went to see it he was using a machine.

I may have caught part of that program the other night. They showed him in the gym, but they never showed him lift any weight. Instead, they showed him on the bench, racking about 300 lbs. It was a split second cut, and all you could see was the bar coming back on to the rack and the plates he was supoosedly using.

You guys misunderstood the infomercial. He stated that since lifting with Mentzer he has benched weights TOTALING 500 lbs. Wonder how many workouts that took?

Tony has been promoting a style of training called Static Contraction, where you hold the weight in it’s strong position of the movement for 15 to 20 seconds, at which point, if you’ve selected the appropriate weight, you should start to fail. The bar then starts to drop, and the set is over. So, when Tony says he benches 525, that does not refer to full ROM, but rather, to merely a static hold, with the weight held a couple inches shy of elbows locked out.

BTW, most of those that I have spoken to who have given this type of training a fair trial got sucky results. I know I did.

What he meant to say is he could bench 5 pounds 25 times! Not too shabby!