Tony Robbins Pushing Power Factor Training

Tony Robbins has a new tape series out intitled “Get The Edge.” It also comes with a videotape called “10 minutes to Muscle Growth” in which Robbins interviews John Little and Pete Sisco the inventors of Power Factor Training and Static contraction.

Really clever marketing on the tape. Robbins claims that he took his bench press from 165 to 525 in a few workouts. However, he does not state that the 165 was a full range lift and the 525 was basically a lockout in a a rack.

Has anyone experimented with Power Factor Training? When I used to bench press a lot, I did lockouts and they did help drive my bench up. However, I think that it had more to do with get my body comfortable with heavier weights more than anything else.

“Robbins claims that he took his bench press from 165 to 525 in a few workouts.”

How could Robbins make this claim? If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Robbins is full of a lot of garbage. Some of his material is okay (it is just repackaged material from self-improvement gurus from the past i.e. Dale Carnegie, Norman Vincent Peale, Napoleon Hill etc.) but to make this claim is RIDICULOUS. I don’t take adice from anyone who tells me how to have a better life and better family life, and dumps his wife in a divorce and his own kids is a druggie.

Good points cjack and I agree completely! All of the empowerment teachings today stem from Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” which is a classic and has had a profound effect on my life

Uh, Napoleon Hill? Actually, I’ve got a great reading list on self improvement (which includes a lot of Carnegie, Schuller, etc), which USED to have “Think and Grow Rich” on it, but it was removed. It was discovered that many of the interviews he claims for references iin his book never took place.

Now wait a minute here, who dumped his wife and who has a kid that is a druggie? I am lost here. Are you talking about Robbins, if so do you have proof of it?

I know you probably did not know everything about Tony Robbins but he is divorced (divorced her while being a self professed self improvement guru). This is something you he does not come out and brag about. He also does have a son who was on drugs. He talked about this on Larry King one time.

Power Factor Training is a load of shit. Heavy partials may have their place in a well-designed training program but marketing an entire protocol around them is foolish and irresponsible.

For a detailed paper on this “revolutionary” training system see…

Robbins used to push Heavy Duty on behalf of Mentzer. Now, I guess he has to find someone who is able to sign an endorsement contract to push.

if he did say that he invented the static contraction, that would make him even more of a liar than Al Gore in the rumor that he claims he invented the internet.

Yea I bought the book and I think it was all shit!
People gone think you are a jerk or something worse …. I don’t know what,
But load up a barrel in the smith machine and do a rep that’s moving 2-3 inches isn’t what I call training!!!

dman, not only did gore claim to have invented the internet he also said that when he is president he wants a picture of president KNOCKS above his desk. WHO??? WHAT PRESIDENT??? PRESIDENT WHO??? peace