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Tony Little's Gazelle Freestyle A Joke

Has anyone seen these Tony Little Informercials for the Gazelle at $14.95 + shipping? My wife and I have never laughed so hard in all of my life. He makes a total bufoon out of himself like he always does and the equipment looks like a joke. Who in there right mind would purchase something like that and what is the catch of $14.95? Is this a trial period purchase? I think the FTC should look into this garbage because it is the absolute worst thing I have ever seen.

My mom bought one of those. I think it cost 114.00 though. She loves it, which is fine, but I tried it and it felt pretty unstable and very unnatural. I guess it’s fine for the slimfast type dieters.

My ex talked me into buying her one of those Tony LIttle gazelle/ecliptical riders a few years ago. I don’t know if it is the same model you are referring to but I remember it costing about $300 canadian.

She wanted some sort of home cardio equipment for the days she didn’t have time to do it at the gym and could only get in weights.

Anyhow this machine wasn’t a bad purchase at all. It got used well and all and only started haveing problems when one of my buddys who weighed about 250-260 at 6’4 decided to jump on it when he came over. Plus she blamed me too because I wasn’t far off his weight lol.

It still works but has to be adjusted and tightened up more frequently.If you compare it to lets say those public gym eclipticals that cost like $10000 or whereabouts yes it's like comparing a mercedes to a lada, but for a sub 200 lbs person using it a few times a week it is not that bad a purchase. They will get more out of that then one of those ab crap devices or Suzanne Summers type contraptions for sure.

Not everyone unfortunatly wants to lift weights but as long as they use something to exercise or do some kind of activity I don’t see any harm in this kind of product.

Besides if I had a choice between having Suzanne Somers(even though she’s hot), Richard Simmons or Tony Little promoting fitness to the masses, I would pick Tony over them, at least he was a bodybuilder and is still in better shape than 90% of the guys lifting weights and working out.