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Could someone PLEASE explain to me how that lunatic babbling idiot can convince anyone to buy his stupid products?

Could someone please PLEASE take him out and put him out of his misery?

Tony little is a mosquito of a human being, generally irritating, and sucking the life force out of anyone who spends more than a minute watching his infomercials. That was 5 minutes of my life I will never get back. I COULD HAVE BEEN POSTING AT T-MAG!

Not only that, but he looks like shit. He is literally FAT and he is selling fitness products (okay, calling them that IS a stretch!), and he wears tight black spandex bodysuits! Does this man not own a mirror?

Okay, I feel better now. My rant is over.

Hes actually not in bad shape. Hes probably larger than most people on this board. People buy his stuff because they are stupid.

I actulay bought his abdominal tapes about 8 years ago, and that was my first training. it actualy helped.

dont know what he’s selling now.

haha that guy has a lot of “enthusiasm”. I always crack up at the funny sounds he makes.

 Does hermaphrodite spell something to you?

 I think he's twofold lol. Sure talks, moves, acts, like it.

 He is exactly the kind of guy you SHOULD have your kids watch. Why? So they can make fun of him, ridicule him, and learn why they should never be like him. You can teach them good manners later.

I just googled Tony Little to see who you were talking about. This is one of the pics I found of him. He certainly doesnt look like he’s in bad shape to me. Unless this isnt the Tony Little you were talking about…

Die Nadel, if I am able to recall correctly (from watching hundreds of hours of late night infomercials when I was a drunk, lazy teenager), that is Tony Little before his horrible bus accident that left him crippled, fat and depressed. Then, miraculously he got off his fat ass and started developing stupid fitness equipment that millions of people have since wasted their precious money on, so they too can assure themselves of being fat and lazy for life. In the meantime, Mr. Little is so rich, he can afford to never be a fat ass again.

You would think, but he looked to be sporting at least a 38 or higher on his waist. There wasn’t much room for imagination in that little black outfit he was wearing. After cleansing my eyes with Borax, I had to do some Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome Hypnosis Therapy to attempt to remove the memory of his annoying voice and all the little sounds and squeals he makes. Hard to believe anyone takes this guy seriously. As a trainer I want to make money just like the next guy, but not at the expense of my dignity.