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Tony Horton P90X


Any info re: Horton's program P90X


None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. No need to search the site now since there is absolutely no way this has been discussed here before.





This has never been brought up before. Ever. You won't find any of that devil's magic here. Go to crossfit.com




Hahaha! Seriously? Didn't a topic about this just leave the front page not that long ago? Not to mention at least 2 others that I've seen?






Well, with an intelligent, well thought out, informative post like this from a longtime member with so many credentials, who here still has any doubt about the p90x rocking? Who dares defy the rock solid logic exhibited by ripsara?


he certainly made the most of his one and only post, after saying something that intelligent i doubt he will ever even have to post again, hes already a legend here


Couple guys at the gym here at school do it. They don't look too impressive, don't move a lot of weight and don't seem to have great endurance either. This is after months of watching them do the program. Take that as you will.


but do they wear their sexy XS underarmor shirts while they do it?


Muscle Confusion Bitches!!!!




I hate this thread...






all i can say is i got more results in my 1st 30 days of P90X than over 10 years of Gym memberships, Bowflex,treadmill, running and dumbells.. it is seriously hard, and it will challenge anyone i assure you. at 50 years old it doesnt get easier getting fit, and P90X is no picnic for sure., but i can see abbs for the 1st time in my life..

i still have 2 weeks to complete round one, and gonna take a couple weeks off and hit it again. my wife(also 50) is doing it, and is also getting results..
I highly recommend P90X if u want a serious challenge..


Wow where can I order one Tony?


PX90 may be better for general fitness than bodybuilding. Pity this is a bodybuilding site.