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Tony Danza

Saw the guy on a couple tv shows, where he sang a couple sinatra-style songs.

Cool stuff, nice and smooth. Does anybody know what I’m talking about? What do you call that style of music and does the guy have an album? It’s definitely cool.

“More pie goddamm ittt!!!” - Mr. Eric Cartman

From Who’s the Boss?

Haha, what the fuck? Just get some Sinatra.

“That is some serious cool” - Eric Cartman

They’re called “standards” - it’s a combination of 30s-early 60s music, with some Broadway songs worked in.

Look for:

  • Sinatra
  • Tony Bennett
  • Sammy Davis, Jr.

More recent:

  • Harry Connick, Jr.
  • Diana Krall

As as starter, go to the library and see if they have “Steve Tyrell - Standards”. He sounds like Dr. John…

Also, if you want to hear some for free, download Netscape/Spinner. This isn’t the MP3-copyright violation stuff, this is just radio-over-the-Internet. It has a wide variety of music, one of them being the category “Sinatra style”. A cheap way to get familiar with this style of music…

Boy, do I feel old…:slight_smile:

T.E. Young

Tony Danza - “The House I Live In”

Check “amazon.com”.

T.E. Young