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Tonsil Shrinkage

I doubt anybody really pays attention to the size of their tonsils, but has anyone ever noticed their tonsils shrinking? Mine are barley visible 30 days in.

How are you even monitoring that?

Well I usually get tonsil stones, so about every 2 weeks or so I clear them out. I went to do that last night and i could barely see my tonsils.

Are they usually enlarged to begin with? Your tonsils could have been enlarged before your cycle because of allergens (food, pollen, ext.) and the steroids act as an anti inflammatory shrinking them back to normal size.

That actual does make sense. I do suffer from allergies. Thanks brother.

I believe you are confusing the effects of corticosteroids with anabolic steroids…
More than likely his tonsil inflammation (or lack thereof) is not related to his AAS use and is just coincidental.

No I understand the huge difference. Catabolic vs anabolic. One for lowing inflammation and one for getting gains. Let me explain my thought process a little more. Yes it could be coincidental but some allergies or reactions to allergens (such as asthma) are caused by an overactive immune system. Tonsils swell due to the (virtually) fighting of the allergen. Anabolic steroids lower your immune system. This can sometimes reverse the effect of, in his potential case, swelling of the tonsils. The anabolic steroids ACT as an anti inflammatory agent. Doesn’t mean they are one.

Edit/add on: That’s about the only case I know of that anabolic steroids can actually reduce the inflammation, since they lower the white blood cell count in the body, the body has a harder time fighting infections and inflammation. But tonsil swelling can basically be “fake” inflammation. They just need to be calmed down vs having inflammation from an injury.