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Toning with Resistance Bands?


How often should I change my work out with resistance bands. One is 30lb and the other I us for lifts over the head. 6'1" 37. I have been working out consist. for 4 months. Everyother day different muscles.



Hello, okay got to ask. Are you just doing some excercises with the bands? Or are you actually connecting these to a weighted bar and to the floor?


there is no "toning" on this thread.

buy a gym membership, and do 5/3/1, or we will kill and eat you.


I was trying to be nice, but you said what I was thinking.


Seriously, Mens, I don't think you will be well served with a band-only regime. I think you would be better off with a program that is designed to get you strong. These will generally require the use of barbells, but even kettlebells (which I have lately started using) will make you stronger, and prove more flexible, than bands.

Strength programs that you can find information in the articles section of this site that I reccommend:

5/3/1 (I use this one, hence my first post)
Starting Strength

There are other similar programs, but these are the ones I am familiar enough with to recommend. just put it in "search articles". training for performance always beats everything else, so start by saying "I want to get stronger".

As for my first post, I say that to all the new guys.


....he says that to everyone, old or new...if you're not doing 5/3/1 you risk being killed and eaten...simple as that. I've been doing it for six months. It's better than the bible and Wendler is better than god......the program works, and Wendler will answer your questions.


Nice job, I am very impressed with your post John.

You actually restrained me from being abusive. To who, I am not sure...