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About 6 weeks ago i poped my shoulder out and stretched one of my tendants, i had to have 4 weeks rest, but i put a bit of fat bk on in those 4 weeks, how can i lose this weight again, and is there anything i can do to tighten up the skin around the muscle? also after training my muscles relax very quickly not sustaing there pump, wats wrong, im a defined guy but wants to get bk how i was, should i take a weight lose pill, and which one? hope u guys can help

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[quote]vizunaldth wrote:
AOL instant messenger “wrecking the english language one word at a time”[/quote]

yeah i know nasty habbit i guess, mostly from txtin off my phone

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translation first, reply second. Yes, I am aware that I am being an ass, but not writing correctly is a major irritation for me (exceptions given if English is not your primary language).

Now that your post is legible:

To lose body fat, diet. If you are seeking a cutting diet, I would suggest T-Dawg 2.0, or the Velocity Diet if you are in a hurry. Search the articles library to find them.

I would advise against fat-loss supplements unless you need them. If you were previously defined, and merely need to lose the fat from the past four weeks, you should be able to do so easily without using a supplement. That being said, if you do decide to use something, go with HOT-ROX. I cannot honestly advise Carbolin 19, because I have not yet used it, and want it all for myself.

As for “tightening up” your skin, that comes from gaining / losing mass. Your skin is very elastic, and will grow/shrink with your body mass.

Losing your “pump” after you lift? First off, realize that the only way to sustain a pump is to suffer rigor mortis (ie – die). All the pump is comprised of is extra blood going to a muscle to supply it with energy. So naturally, the pump will go away when you stop stressing a muscle. If you want to look big and muscular, get big and muscular. Do not attempt to rely upon the mythic “pump” to look impressive. Lift heavy, eat big, get big.

And you might want to read through this site. The fact that you found T-Nation is a good thing. T-Nation has the best accumulation of lifting and dieting knowledge I have ever found. Now utilize the information contained within (yes, this means you have to read stuff).