Tongue Ulcers When Dieting?

Anyone get tongue ulcers when dieting ? Got two in course of a few days. I do get them occasionally though. Supplementing with zinc and magnesium already.

I would think it’s most likely coincidental. I’m pretty sure I read something a while ago about a possible B12 deficiency causing it (sometimes linked to PPI use), but I’d imagine it’d be rare to be the cause considering the modern diet. Have you changed your toothpaste recently? Maybe it’s stress?


No toothpaste change . Could be stress I suppose . Thanks Cdep . I wonder if it is worth supplementimg b12.

If your diet is severe, my best guess is your body is experiencing a stressor causing the canker sores. I think @cdep89’s last guess was your likely culprit.


Yup. I get cold sores occasionally in times of abusing my body. Things like binge drinking or being underfed and underslept. Your immune system can just go “Hey, have some of this!” I wouldn’t be too concerned if I were you - just focus on being healthy and don’t be ashamed to take a quick diet break for a few days, or just lower your deficit a tiny bit if it’s affecting you in other ways.

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My dad, my son, and I get mouth ulcers pretty regularly. We were advised it is genetic, which makes sense. However, it is more of a dispositional susceptibility than a rampant condition or something. It is absolutely brought on by stress or lack of sleep (for us). I can almost predict when they are going to occur based on my sleep/stress combination. Let me be clear, these are mouth/tongue ulcers, NOT cold sores.

Have you had them before and have you had them on the gums or cheeks?

There are some good medicines that help. I have not had luck with changing my diet to speed up the recovery from them (e.g. less acidic foods or something). The basic approach is to cover them over night with a paste or medicine of some sort.

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I just get them on my tongue . Thanks it’s probably stress and lack of sleep. I think I am eating reasonably well.