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Tongkat Ali + T Synthesis

Thought I’d give a testosterone booster tongkat ali a try. I am sure most here would be familiar with it … If you haven’t heard of it, it is supposedly the only substance that actually stimulates the body, apparently the leydig cells, to create its own testosterone.

Anyway, the guidelines when taking it say that during the on cycle, one should eat a diet of meat, eggs, milk and cheese, lmiiting carbos except for loading them before training, exclude fish, and eat a low amount of fruit + veggies - for optimal testosterone synthesis, which makes sense

It then says on off cycles, to avoid inbalance eat the opposite, ie high amounts of vegetables, fruits, fish, carbs

I would like feedback from others who have used Tongkat and what success they have had. Also, is this diet generally healthy? Sure it might be best for testosterone, but am I going to be lethargic from lack of carbs? Finally, those on a similar diet, I really need some food ideas. I can’t imagine eating meat without rice/noodles to go with it.