Tongkat Ali & Nutrition Article Recommendations

Any of you have any experience using tongkat ali? I’ve read some pretty amazing things about it.

I’ve just joined and recently started working out again (after several years layoff). I want to get started off right and am looking for some good articles on nutrition. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

I have tried tongkat Ali and really didnt notice a difference for the cost.

I am however leaning toward giving RedKat a try.

That said I think your #1 issue should be getting your diet under control, then your training. After you nail these then move to something like the RedKat I mentioned that has a lot of real world results behind it.

Just my 2cc.


I’m currently using tongkat ali at around 700-1000mgs a day split into an am & pm dose. I definitely notice an increase in libido within h1/2 an hr to an hr after I take it. In addition to that I’m more aggresive and alert in the weight room + while I haven’t had any blood work done I think it helped me in PCT from a 10 weeker. I do think that an anti estrogen should be used in conjuction with it.

I’ve used RED KAT with good success. I was shutdown from a cycle and my PCT consisted of nolva, clomid, and arimidex. My balls came back but my libido didn’t. I started using the Redkat, at the standard dose, and didn’t notice anything. When I doubled the dose, my libido returned.