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Tongkat Ali Experience


I’ve been dieting since January 1st, as you have maybe seen in @brownbear1968 s thread.

I read an article on here about Tongkat Ali and since I’m in Europe and Biotest’s Alpha Male with shipping is very expensive, I wanted to give another reputable brand from here a chance to shine, as I was very intrigued about it. I’ve been taking it now at 50 mg of a 50:1 extract (so 2.5 g of raw Tongkat went in that; Alpha Male contains double that in one pill).

Here’s my experience:

First the good things:

  1. Although I’m dieting my strength didn’t decrease very much. I think that’s partly due to the Tongkat. As I feel better, I think my workouts haven’t suffered as much as they normally would. Also I think i didn’t lose any muscle at least according to my measurements.

  2. Erection quality is way better than before taking it, saw an improvement the first day I took it. Might be from the PDE-5 inhibition. Nice anyways. Especially on diets when libido is lower, it’s good when everything’s working still really good all day.

  3. Overall mood is up. I’m more talkative and more motivated to interact with others although I’m on a diet which now is pretty harsh. Big plus!

  4. I nearly caught a cold 3 times in the last 10 weeks (diets always have that effect on me). But the sore throat always vanished after a day. I have the feeling this could be attributed to the Tongkat to maybe 10-20%.

Bad things:

  1. After taking it I get very thirsty. Two hours after taking it I usually down a bottle of water. I’d have to read the studies again to see what’s causing this or if there’s even a mechanism proposed. Maybe it’s just me.

No other downsides. Nothing.

I’m so excited about finding a supplement that works, I can’t believe it haha.

I’m gonna buy me some Biotest next time to thank you guys in the US for making me aware.

I’m gonna take a break from the Tongkat for probably a few weeks after the diet just to get reexposure data afterwards. And I’m gonna take it during my next the bulk which I can then compare to my last.

Every man that’s thinking about it, give it a try!


How old are you?

Mid 20s, been training consistently without a break for 9 years.

That’s a shocker. Definitely conduct yourself on here in a way that I figured made you late 30’s for some reason :joy:. Y’all some smart responsible people

The lord dies at around 30, I hope I’ll make it to the end of 30 haha

you prefer tongkat ali alone or tribulus ?

Never tried tribulus. I wanted to try it on its own but I don’t trust any source on Tribulus to spend my money and I’m not convinced by the literature. Still want to try it, but not too eager. With Tongkat the stars align.

i did trib alone, maca and daa alone. My actual top 1 is Trib ! i will try tongkat ali alone next time.

why you dont like tribulus like that ?

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i bought tongkat ali since i saw your post. I used to take it 1 x 50 am, 1 x 50 pm. Monday to friday. ( 5-2 cycling )

I think i felt nothing using it. maybe i am not using it well ? did you only take 1 50 mg pills a day ? were you cycling it ?

I take it 5 days per week, just one 50 mg pill of a 50:1 extract.

The biggest difference was during and before intercourse, I do get aroused way faster than before. This would be the best test I think. If you don’t feel anything in the erection sector then maybe it doesn’t work for you or you are already optimal?

The social impact it had the first weeks isn’t noticeable anymore, it’s the new normal I think.

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