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Toney Freeman View On Bodybuilding @ Olympia


This guy is perhaps the best example of what a lifetime of bodybuilding can do to you.
I very much relate to his view on bodybuilding. basically what he's saying is that most of the top guys had that classic X frame look back in the day and now alot of the aesthetics has been lost in favor of pure mass. "freak show, you pay to see a freak, you admire it, but you dont want to emulate it" as he put it.

There was a view here by some of the members that a massive increase in LBM will cause the waist size to balloon up, Toney is one of the examples of the many flaws in this view as he's clearly saying here that back when he competed at the NPC level @ 190lbs his waist was at the same size as now, at 290lbs contest shape.

Something to think about.


Toney seems really down to earth.


Yeah, seems like a pretty sharp dude too.

I'm not sure why what he is saying is supposed to be some revelation though. We all have pretty much said that here too, lol.

EDIT: shape to sharp


Toney is a gentleman and very knowledgeable


That's the X-Man right there folks.


I like Toney, love that video of him talking about when he got started in bodybuilding.
I am always pissed when wolf places ahead of him, I think he brings a much better complete package but thats probably just my personal preference.


I've met him a few times.

cool dude

wooo for living so close to the Arnold. All these dudes are in my backyard.


Literally IN your backyard, oh Dark Lord.


Is it just me or does Skip seem to be having a hard time speaking clearly?