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Toney Freeman Arrested in Sweden


Yesterday Toney "x-man" Freeman got arrested in Sweden in the middle of a DVD-signing for dopingcrimes. The swedish police said in a statement that they knew that a pro like Freeman had to be on steroids and therefore took him in for a urinesample and questioning. Freeman got released after he admitted to using Testosterone, HGH and Cannabis.

Life is hard for swedish BBers because being "big" is reason enough for the police to take you in...




at least they didnt cuff him.

Thats pretty messed up though. I guess in sweden if you admit to crimes the just let you go? (im assuming steroids, hgh and marijuana are illegal in sweden like they are in the US?)

Glad they let him go... sucks for the people who were waiting in line for him to sign some autographs

"oh yeah we're next! We've only been in line for 5 hours.... Wait! Why are the cops here?" lol


Just read this too, tough break for Toney...he really is one of the better guys in the sport. Hopefully things work out in his favour. Jay Cutler has also planned a guest appearance in Sweden this weekened...wonder if he will make the trip.

Here's the link http://st.nu/medelpad/sundsvall/1.25...-dopningsbrott Use google to translate


Can they arrest him for using outside Sweden? That's weird.

Depends on the crime, gregron.


That sucks man, evidently discrimination is also towards big guys. austin_bicep definitely getting leaner bro.


That sucks, I guess all these guys take a big risk when they travel. Makes me appreciate Kai for coming to The Australian pro the last couple of years. The authorities here aren't afraid to bust high profile people either, as Stallone found out.
I hope this doesn't have too big repercussions for him, he's a great bodybuilder.


thats a cunt


That's what I was thinking too, it would be the same as me going to Portugal (the only country where all drugs are legal) using drugs and then getting arrested for it back in the US.

I'm not a law expert but that doesn't seem right and my guess is if they tried to prosecute him in Sweden the US goverment would have to step in (at least I hope they would).


Drugs aren't legal here. Drug use has been decriminalized, yes, but they're still pretty much illegal.
Sucks what happened to Toney though. I don't know squat about Swedish laws but that shit they pulled on him doesn't make any sense to me. That would be like the Stones playing there and the police arresting Keith Richards because he used to do a lot of heroin outside of Sweden back in the seventies.


They did it set an example. Sweden doesnt want steroids apart of their society. Actually the police force in that particular area was reponsible for the arrest, not the governtment of Sweden.

Anyway, they arrested him, questioned him, he gave a urine sample and was told to leave and that he was not welcomed back. Yeah its retarded but they could have actually prosecuted him. When you go to some other country youre expected to follow their laws.

Whats really retarded is that in the article, it was translated by a swedish person on another board, that the po po are acting all proud that they recently learned that bodybuilders use steroids. They think theyre doing a huge service to their country because "Toney is a role model and is representing a standard that can only be achcived through drug use." While that last part is true, the role model shit is some self righteous bull shit.

In that country AAS are treated the same as heroin. In the US a cop can arrest someone for being high on heroin with probable cause. Same thing for AAS in sweden, if you look like you use an illegal drug you can be bruoght in for a urine test.

Toney was released after a little while, nothing happened. He left sweden and told other bodybuilders not to go there.

Cutler had a scheduled trip there with a flight leaving this morning. Theres no word whether he went or not.

I think every bodybuilder, natural or otherwise, should boycott that country. Sweden has every right in the world to enforce its laws but no self respecting bodybuiler should want to support a country that does that to a guy.

They arrested him while he was signing autographs at a supplement store or something. Couldnt even wait til he was at his hotel or something. It was meant to be a spectacle. Fuck Sweden for being douchy


As you say, the government didn't order his arrest, a police officer did. One man does not represent this whole country, and I really don't think you can prosecute people for "crimes" committed abroad. It's illegal to use or possess steroids in Sweden, not to have used.

Toney Freeman is in Sundsvall for a day and gets arrested, yet no one touches Magnus Samuelsson.

Don't boycott Sweden. Boycott Sundsvall.


That is ridiculous, especially for a country that seems so progressive in other ways. I wonder if they ever hassle Magnus Samuelson.


It is beyond bullshit that someone can be arrested for suspicion of doing something with no proof and be forced to take a urine sample. Like another poster wrote, it would be the same as going to Amsterdam for the weekend and then being arrested and forced to take a urine sample when you get back and then go to jail for it.


The fact that a cop has the right to arrest and piss test someone for being big is a representation of the government and the country.




Agreed. The government allowed that behavior. That means many of us could be arrested simply for walking around Sweden because while Toney is big, he isn't that fucking big. He's like 6'2" and usually sits around 280lbs or so. I known quite a few people with stats similar to that and while they may not be RIPPED, I guess they would end up in jail.


Oh, give the U.S. Govt and ESPN another few years with the steroid witchhunt and we won't be too much different.


The law says nothing about having it in your system. Unless done for medicinal or scientific purposes, it's illegal to:
Give someone
Produce (lulz)
Buy with intent to sell
Have or
anabolic steroids, testosterone or its derivatives, GH, or substances that increase the synthesis or the aforementioned substances.

So it's illegal to be a healthy, steroid-producing human, or eat fat and cholesterol and for that matter tribulus and shit, which is sold openly, but it's perfectly OK to inject abroad and cross the border.

The cop didn't have the right to do that. He said "you're not welcome" but he has no right to do that and Toney left because he wanted to (understandable), not because he had to. Toney saw a man with a badge and didn't have a lawyer nearby, so he did the smart thing and cooperated. The cops in Sundsvall are acting all proud cause they've got a big doping case in progress, but the cop acted outside the law in this case.

That law, while oddly worded, is a representation of the government. What the cop did was against the law, so he isn't.


Because he's not lean. Because he's not a "bodybuilder". Because your country's drug laws are ignorant as shit. Because there is no way to realistically rationalize what went down with Freeman. Because Magnus is the most famous athlete in your country's history, arguably. Because only stupid americans would be dumb enough to do drugs and ruin the hopes and dreams of the children.

Dude, the police force is not an autonomic entity. The governtment give the police the power to do what it did.