Tom's Log

Hello, I’ve never posted on this site before and as such I’ll introduce myself, I’m Tom. I’m 15 years old, from Phillipsburg, NJ. I’ve been involved with sports my whole life(football since the third grade, wrestling for a couple of years when i was little) but just recently (a little over 2 months) began training for competition natural bbing.

Currently I train at a hole in the wall gym, Unlimited Changes, which is run by the 3x WNSO natural Mr. Universe Mike Kocsis. As of right now my commitment is to gain about 50 lbs, and then cut down to around 225-215 for contest season nest year. In life my ultimate commitments to myself are to squat 500 lbs. 30 times, and to eventually win an IFBB olympia(I don’t want to stay natural forever) .

I lift six days a week but provide adequate two days rest for each muscle group, training Legs/Back/Bis/Traps on Mondays and Thursdays, Calves/Forearms/Abs on Tuesdays and Fridays, and Chest/Shoulders/Tris on Weds. and Saturdays. I take in lots of good fats, about 250g protein, and high carbs, percent wise probably 40% carbs, 40-45% protein, and 15-20% fats. My favorite bbers are Tom Platz, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Chet Yorton. Squat 405x3, Bench 255x3, and Deadlift 405x2. I’m 6’2, 190 (I know, I know, skinny fuck(excuse the language)). I’m keeping my log on here as well as in my regular composition book because i just can’t read my handwriting. So,

Saturday, 12/4/10
bench, 4x8,6,4,4 warmup with bar, 1x180, 1x225, 2x245 chain stuff today, 180 plus all the chains in my gym come out to 245? i think
incline dbs, 3x12,10,8, 3x55 (I like to go light on these because my right wrist is fucked up and I feel pain going any heavier than 55’s

arnold presses, 3x12,10,8 3x40
hammerstrength rear fly machine, 3x12, 10,8 1x50, 1x60, 1x70

pushdowns, 3x12,10,8 1x60,1x70,1x80
lying tricep ext, 4x12,10,8,6 chain work (30 lb. chain on each side of ezbar, 85 lbs.) finished up with a ten rep set of closegrip bench presses with the chains
dips behind the back, 4x12,10,8,6 3x45, 1x90
dips, 2xfailure

pec dec, 3x12,10,8 1x170,1x190,1x200 (pretty sure i did 4 sets of this with 200 by accident, i forgot what set i was on and had already filled in my weight)
incline flyes, 3x12,10,8 1x40,1x45,1x50 fuck my wrist wraps, i have the shitty altus ones from sports authority, getting a new pair of them for christmas, either the 2xh from atp or the multipurpose wraps from Mark Bell, the only reason i’m getting such high support ones is because whenever i do any kind of press my unsupported wrist will bend backwards towards my bicep and cause a lot of pain. if your wondering what happened to my wrist i was hitting a heavy bag and got too excited and threw a bad punch, i also got two nice bloody knuckles, of course me being the dipshit that i am, hit another heavy bag two days later and since then i’ve had the aforementioned problems.
side db laterals, 3x12,10,8 3x25, again, my wrist wraps kept falling off so i just went light

push presses, 3x12,10,8 3x135
front db raises, 4x12,10,8,6 4x25 my wrists
cybex arm extension, 2 x 12, 10 1x90, 1x110

closegrip pulldowns, 2x12,10 1x 120, 1x130
onearm reverse grip pulldowns, 3x12,10,8 3x30
flat bench press machine, 3x12,10,8 3x180

front straight bar raises, 3x10
standing ext, 3x10
behind the neck ext, 4x12,10,8,6 4x20
lying side laterals, 2x6 2x20 or 25, i can’t remember (was supposed to do 4x12,10,8,6 but my mom came running in and took me out of the gym.)

ate a lot of food as well which i really prefer not to log, i just try to up my calories weekly by eating more.

Thanks, take care

Sunday, 12/5/10


Slept way too late today, 10 am. Need an alarm. Ate alot.