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Tomorrow's Diet


Tomorrow i am taking the whoel day off, both work and gym. damn i earned it. all that is planned is catching up on the dvd library i am compiling yet not watching. my question is what my meal selections should be. isnt it depression that im lost when it comes to down time. we are all so used to being run ragged by day to day life that a day of rest becomes something of a conundrum...

ok heres my idea
meal #1 (3am) P+C
meal #2 (630am) P+C
meal #3 (1045) P+F
meal #4 (130pm) P+F
meal #5 (4pm) P+F
meal #6 (7pm) P
meal #7 ( bedtime?) P

  • should i alter this at all? keep in mind im lean and in matainence, not cutting or gaining currently.


Good lord you say you deserve a day off to unload etc yet you are allready stressing over what to eat. Do like you plan TAKE A DAY OFF!!!!! Just eat what you know is right. if you have an apple ( C ) and a handfull of walnuts ( F ) and some Low-Carb Grow! it aint going to kill you or even effect you in a odd or bad way. just make solid food choices and you'll be golden its ONE day relax and enjoy.

Thats my take,


Yes, this is exactly how you should do it:

Meal one: food
Meal two through whatever: food.


hahaha. the joy and burden of being an obsessive compulsive


Good advice man


If I were you I'd make the 10:45 meal a C+P meal too.I don't know what your goals are though.10:45 is still pretty early.