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Tomorrow I Lift


When does lifting become an obsession? Tomorrow I am lifting and I'm already getting excited. I think about lifting and have to calm myself, I can literally feel the adrenaline and have to stop myself. On the bus before I get to my gym I am COMPLETELY unapproachable and look incredibly hostile. I just cant wait to try harder than the hardest, give it my all and then some.

My diet is solid, my program is solid, my sleep is solid. when you are doing as much as you can to grow and get stronger, what else is there? all that is left is to push yourself past what you even think you could do. Your book says 5 reps of squats, you aren't sure you can do it but it IS going to happen, you get under the bar 1, 2, 3... 4......, grind out 5. You are done, you could put the bar back right now... but heres where you can do more... take a few big breaths ..6 getting dizzy, fuck it and mentally grab yourself theres ALWAYS a bit more in the tank. 7.

I don't really admire all the stronger guys than me, the bigger ones. I admire the ones who look like they are about to keep over and die, bloodshot eyes, sweating buckets, totally alienating the cardio bunnies, these guys love lifting.

I love lifting, more than ever now, I can't imagine never picking up a weight for the rest of my life, I can't imagine being weaker than I was the day before. That is failure.

What do you guys do to psyche yourselves up mentally in the gym, do you have a pre training routine?


Amen to all of that. To psych up myself, since its a long drive to the gym, music obviously. Also, outloud I kinda pull a Ronnie Coleman, and just say "Lets do this!!! C'mon!!! Just Imagine myself lifting the weight before I get to it.


It's great that we all love to lift, but do we have to keep writing these sappy things?

As for pre-workout stuff, shit-talking with workout partner and loud Pig Destroyer/Napalm Death/Necrophagist/Acid Bath/whatever does it for me.


yes... we do have to keep writing these sappy things cause i likes them


And failure cannot be tollerated! If we fail, then who will succeed, the gym bunnies?

I always like to try and push the tank a bit further, running on fumes, and if I can't then I stop. I may try an extra dip, even though i will fall off, or if I am adventerous squat again, and again. Seing other people in the gym using machines is always a boost, as I think, i am improving myself both metally and physically, and they are inching forward, if that.

The best way to psyche up is probably music. I always seem to get really happy just before I go to the gym (which my friends poin out), so I tend to talk to friends before I go, so I can work myself up more, and pepare for the gym. It gets the excitement going and so I work harder. Though, definately mentioned in similar posts, the best way to psyhe up is through music.