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Tomohawks Log

Ill start with a brief description of me and my situation.

23 y.o, 178lbs, 13%bf

Have been training for around 3.5 years now as consistently as possible, the heaviest i have been is 192lbs @ 7% bodyfat if that makes any difference.

For about 2 years i have been suffering with sacroilitis (inflammation of the SIJ’s) and was diagnosed just be for christmas 08 with Ankylosing Spondylitis, which for those who have not heard of this before, is a progressive inflammatory immune system disorder which eventually causes ossification (bone growth) of the joints and vertabrae.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for this disease, (though i must add, i am not entirely convinced the diagnosis is accurate) but as i have been feeling sorry for myself for a while, i am ready to kick back into things and get back into shape while obv ducking and diving through the stupid complications of Spondylitis.

Apologies for such a long winded intro to myself but i feel i should fill you all in so things dont get complicated.

After the diagnosis of AS i was given a cortisone injection into the right SIJ - now i was in so much pain at the time i just kind of jumped at the chance of some relief. Anyway, the cortisone didnt work, in fact it made it worse and to boot came all the side effects, hence why i am now rather fat and skinny at the same time lol.

So, i will post some pics and my current training program later for you guys to have a look at and hopefully if im making a good impression on you, give me some help with then i would be eternaly grateful to you all.
I’ll mention in this post though that i am no longer able to squat or deadlift even sissy squats leave me in agony for days, so getting size onto me fast is going to be very hard.

Cardio is also a difficulty as i can not run, bike etc, though i can still walk distance with the assistance of anti-inflammatories and tramadol ( a weak form of morphine i think).
Certainly not ideal but we have to do the best with the cards we are dealt.