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Tommy The Duke Morrison, Who Won?

who won the fight between tommy the duke morrison and big john stover last night, in the WFC

Morrison won by knockout in the 1st according to ESPN.


Morrison’s HIV status is getting more confusing as the years go by…

AS OF THIS WEEK, wasn’t it proven that he was HIV positive,contradicting his claims for the past 11 years?

(This is important because in all States, generally you can neither compete in Boxing or Contact Sports if HIV positive).

What’s the deal?


I’m confused about his status as well, but this shouldn’t be considered an mma fight by the way.

The rules stated that there was no:
A)Ground Fighting

Here’s the deal with Tommy Morrison’s HIV positive status. The last time he was tested by a legitimate, third party lab, was 11 years ago when he tested positive. Since then he has fought twice, once in West Virginia, and once on an Arizona Indian Reservation. Both locations require no blood and medical testing to fight.

For his fight in WV, Tommy made a good faith effort to show he was AID’s free by submitting a blood test from a family practice doctor who is close to the Morrison’s. Now Tommy has made all sorts of wild claims that he is now HIV free, but yet he has not went through any fight liscense procedure that requires him to be tested by a lab.

One could only reasonably conclude that Tommy has went this route because he is still HIV positive. He is dirt poor, and his name still carries enough weight that he could make some serious money fighting in states like Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Califonia, etc.