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Tommy Morrison Dead at 44


Most knew him from the movie Rocky V, but he was actually a fairly decent boxer (although his win over Foreman was booed quite a bit due to his tactics). I’m sure being shoved into the spotlight at 20 years old probably screwed him up a bit.


Gee they sure didn’t tell us shit in that report. I wonder if his death was related to HIV. I remember a few years ago he was making some claims about it. Something like he was cured or he never had it.

He was a good boxer, his left was vicious. Kind of in the mold (and effectiveness) of Frazier & Tyson.

HIV related?

Wild that he used to claim they were false positives.

I don’t know. I saw a few links, and even the better ones had little to no real info. He was barred from fighting once he tested HIV positive if I recall correctly. Wonder what he’s been doing since then. Maybe a more sports themed site will dig some details in the next few days.


“The cause of death was respiratory and metabolic acidosis and multiple organ failure.”

Morrison claims the test was false, but accoring to his well-documented lifestyle… I would say it’s accurrate (Possible AIDS). His wife is saying it’s rate nervous disease/condition, but at 44 I doubt it.

Tommy was very good, not great. He needed a chin. He got embarrassed my Michaell Benntt after he beat Big George. He was actually on track to fight Tyson at one point. Of course, Mike would have killed him, but it would have been fun to watch.

Dude had a killer left hook.

Great fight with him and Ray Mercer. Ray beats the breaks off of him in the end though.

The problem with that article is that the picture was not of him with his awesome mullet.