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Tommy Kono Sleeve Questions

hello. happy holidays.

  • are they more supportive than rehband?
  • how tight are they supposed to fit? struggle to get on?
  • do they make XL or is large as big as it gets?
  • good for oly?


In my opinion just as supportive as my Rehbands
Mine are pretty tight to put on take relatively a 45 seconds a piece to put on.
I think they are great I wear them when Squatting, Jerking, pretty much any thing at all where my knee bend even the slightest.

Get the Rehbands. My TK’s tore after a few months and the Rehbands are still going strong. No comparison in my opinion and well worth the extra money.

Support will all depend how you size them.

TK bands are good, but if you’ve got really hairy legs, be prepared to lose some fur. I’ve had mine for 8 months, and no problems with tearing at the seams, but I only use them once every week or two, whenever my knees are feeling a bit off - these bands really make the knees sweat and help loosen up any tightness in the knee joint whille providing good support. Haven’t used Rehband before, so I can’t give an opinion on them.

do they make them in XL? I’ve searched a few places and L seems the be the biggest…

Large is biggeat size but they are pretty damn big. Will second the hair comment I have actually started shaving my legs to help get it on.

Thanks for the info.
Have any of you tried the Rehband shorts? The blue ones you see alot of strongman wearing. I assume they are not as thick as the knee sleeves? Do they offer support or just heat? Bounce at the bottom of squats?


They are actually just about as thick as the knee and elbow sleeves. Not much actual compression mainly used for heat. I personally never noticed a difference using them.