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Tommy Kono, 3-time Olympic Medalist/3-time Mr. Universe, Passed Away


Won gold in 1952 and '56, silver in 1960. Won Mr. World in 1954 and Mr. Universe in 1955, '57, and '61.

A legend in the sport, both sports, really. I didn’t know he spent several years in an internment camp as a kid during World War 2.

He has a bunch of interviews and seminar clips on Youtube. Seems like a severe understatement to say his info on O lifting is worth checking out.

His book was absolutely terrific. Not so much because of the training content, IMO, but moreso his life story and how he overcame less-than-stellar conditions to become an alltime great. I really enjoyed his stories of competitions, in particular…you got the sense that his mental focus and belief in self was so strong that when the competition got to the C&J, he was just going to lift absolutely whatever it took to win the day.