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Tommy 2 Vial: First Cycle Test Cypionate 500MG


Sounds pretty sure like high e to me buddy, a lot of men react with rash or tingling or both, the body temperature increase is included, try 12.5 mg for 2 days, and tell me if you feel better.


Cool !! You’ve gain some weight I’ve noticed. Have you put on some fat or it is mostly water retention and some muscle ?


So I took that half pill on Saturday, took a full one after I saw your message last night. Slept for a good 12 hours and feel mucchhhhhh better this morning. Even made it to the gym, did some light work though since i’m dehydrated and probably malnourished. Thanks so much for the confirmation that it’s probably high E2. The fever is gone, head aches barely there but the rash is still pretty bad. I’ll put some lotion on it and take another pill tonight and then go to EOD once things settle down. Glad to be feeling better and back on track.


I would say i’ve put on a little fat but my abs are still looking pretty decent, not crazy but definitely still have a 6 pack. I weighed in again this morning after being on a higher dose of aromasin last few days being sick from high E2 and not eating as much and only lost like .75 lb. So probably not a lot of water retention. My arms, legs and delts look like they’ve been drinking protein with a straw, they look way bigger already! First things i’ve noticed to really fill out.


Hey buddy glad to hear you’re better, but watch out that you don’t tank your E! So stick to 12.5 for another day, and then go to 12.5 one day and 6.25 the other, and when / if your nipples get spiky hard and weird, then do 12.5 for 3 days in a row, that’s how I handle it, but remember there’s also different sources right, so maybe some pills are stronger vs weaker etc. You have to figure yourself out with your pills from your source. Btw does the rash itch, or is it just red skin?


Do you take any days off between the 12.5 and then 6.25? or just rotate them with no days off?

Ya my nips have been pointy and I think i have a very small bump in my right breast.

The rash is raised and one of the patches looks a little blistery. It didn’t itch or anything the past few days, I put some lotion on it today and it itches a little bit but nothing crazy. I am starting to worry that it might be shingles… It’s in the exact spot of shingles and would also explain the head ache and fever… So many things with the same symptoms. I’ll give the rash another day with the aromasin tonight and if it doesn’t get any better by tomorrow then I better go have the doc take a look.


I rotate with no days off buddy, but I’m doing 250mg testE eod. Hope it’s not shingles man! If it is, don’t make the mistake and stop cold turkey bro, you’ll always need pct brother.


Well just my luck, it is Shingles… saw the ole doc this evening. He put me on an anti viral medication for a week and I’ll be crushing some prednisone into powder and mixing it with lotion and applying it directly as well as I’ve read this helps a ton. Apparently all symptoms should be gone in a week or so then just waiting for it to heal.

So now I have to decide if I should stay on cycle or come off. I’ve read others have had shingles and kept moving forward with the cycle. I think I will wait until Friday, my next inject day and see how i feel before deciding. Might do one more week and if im still in rough shape then i’ll go on PCT… Ugh hope i don’t have to and can power through.

Any thoughts?


That’s seriously shitty :frowning: sorry to hear that man. I had the flu during my last cycle, a really bad one with 4 weeks of coughing, and I didn’t stop the cycle because there was no interaction of medications, but it’s different with shingles for sure, you’ll need to make sure that none of the prescribed medications cause f.eg. Blood clotting etc and you need to keep your red blood cells in check because you can’t go donating blood when you have shingles … lots to think of buddy … but you’re gonna be fine bro :slight_smile:


Hey brother how you doing ? What’s going on with your cycle ? Are you gonna discontinue it ? Hope everything is ok.


Hey buddy!

Thanks for the concern. Didn’t do my weekly update as I didn’t really get in the gym last week other than 2 weak sesh’s. First off i’d like to say that I highly recommend that you all should get the shingles vaccine because damn does it suck. I was sleeping 12-14 hours a night and needing another 2-3 during the day. Had a real hard time force feeding my self to try and maintain some weight too. Ended up losing 4 lbs over the week, hopefully most of it is just water weight. Got back in the gym yesterday for the first time. Felt pretty weak but i’m glad to have gotten back in and started feeling better. I also decided to continue with the injections which honestly I think has helped me recover faster as i’m just over a week of having shingles but feeling about 90% already.

Going to still take it a little easy the next few days and eating a little extra to get my body back on track and ready to go. Fully expect to be going twice as hard this weekend to make up for the week off.

Thanks all for your thoughts!


Oh man I’m glad you are getting better. Thanks for the advice. Hopefully you lost water retention and not muscle. ( you probably look a bit more ripped though, not a bad thing at all ).
Hopefully everything will go better from on for you. Good luck and keep us posted.


Week 6: Friday July 27th
Weight: 189 (down but coming back from all the weight I lost while i was sick)

So as you guys know i skipped the week 5 update as I battled with shingles. I am doing much much better now. Still have been a little more tired than usual this week but have been making sure I get plenty of rest and eating lots. Really starting to feel good in the gym. Noticing I have way more energy at the end of my session than usual and i’ve been adding like 2 reps to all my lifts without that much difficulty. My appetite is really coming back as well these last couple of days. My goal has been around 3400-3500 yet I want to just keep on eating. So i’ve been trying to figure out if i should let my self have at the extra food but I want to refrain from getting too fat.
My weight is almost back to what it was pre shingles however I feel like I am holding way less water now as I had taken quite a bit of aromasin as i thought i was having high estorgen sides at first. I am really starting to notice the size gains. Really looking forward to this week and feeling better everyday! TIME TO GET BIG!!!


Thought i’d take a minute to note what my lifts have been looking like through the week and would appreciate any pointers on any changes i should be making to my program.

I’m doing Push - Leg - Pull most the time i’m getting in 6 days, some times 5 some times 7. My ranges move around a lot but doing higher rep stuff lately for more hypertrophy.

BB bench 2x9 2x8 at 195
Db sh press 3x8 at 55
Inc BB bench 2x7 at 165 1x6 at 155
Db Fly 3x13 at 30
Skull crushers 3x12 1x11 at 60
Over head Tri 3x12 at 32.5
Shrugs 3x8 at 225

Squats 4x6 at 250
Leg Press 3x8 at 425
horizontal Calves 3x15 at 110
Leg curls 3x12 at 125
leg extensions 2x12 1x11 at 190

Dl 3x4 at 315
Bb row 4x10 at 125
Pull down 3x9 at 60
Rear delt 3x12 at 30
BB curls 2x10 2x8 at 70
Hammers 3x9 at 30


Yo what’s going on ? How you feeling ? Have stooped your cycle ? Hope everything is ok!!!


Hey man, it’s been going great! Right back on track and going strong. Had a week of holiday did some body workouts and stuff like that up there but didin’t bother doing a log update. Going to do that right now under this post!

Thanks for checking in :slight_smile:

Also i’ve been taking the aromasyin half a pill each day and it seems to be perfect.


Week 8: Friday August 10th
Weight 194.6! Officially over 15lbs gained from the beginning and still have a number of weeks to go!

Calories have been 3500 minimum usually eating a little over. Definitely getting some fat build up around the waste, abs are now mostly gone unless flexed but i’m not too worried about that. Everything else is looking really thick! I’ve gotten super wide, that’s the first thing i’ve noticed. Shoulders have really rounded out as well. I think my arms are just starting to grow a bit now too but they’re definitely lagging. Also my legs and butt are massive, all my shorts are horribly tight lol it’s bad! Getting lots of compliments lately too about coworkers and friends noticing that i’m looking bigger.

The strength is really coming on as well, smashing PRs each time im in the gym. Bench has shot up like crazy and my dead lifts as well. Squats are going up pretty steadily too.

I’m kind of thinking about changing up my routine to focus more on the parts that are lagging but i hate changing the routine all the time and want to just stay consistent so I should probably just leave it be. I have a few weeks left of the cycle, i’m pretty set on doing 1 extra week for the week i lost to the shingles. I’ve had a bunch of guys in the gym also say to do 2 weeks at half dose, so 250mg. They say it really helps with the crash instead of going straight from 500 to nothing. What do you guys think of that idea? that would bring my cycle to 13 weeks + 2 at 250.

Cheers all and if you have any questions ask away!


Awesome man. Keep it up.


How have you been? Are you still on cycle? What all are you taking? Whats your weight and BF% roughly?



Week 9: August 17th
Weight 195 (Added only a half lb this week but last week i was definitely bloated from drinking on vacation. I feel I have leaned out and lost the water weight while adding some size)

Looking massive this week. Always pumped, traps popping out all the time and i’m wide as hell!
Starting to feel if I get any wider i’ll be able to use my wings to fly. Destroying PRs still and feeling great in the gym. Had another fun cottage weekend this weekend so lost a few days at the gym. Going to really get back to cracking it down this week, damn you summer.

Hope everyone’s doing well!