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Tommy 2 Vial: First Cycle Test Cypionate 500MG

Hey guys, long time lurker here finally switching over to the dark side. I personally have loved reading all of the logs as that is where I have got most of my information from as well as found out what to expect. If you guys have any questions or comments i’d love to hear everything, positive or negative so have at it! I just came off a very long 7 month cut where I cut 30 pounds nice and slow. My lifts have definitely took a hit so that’s why they look pretty shit. You’ll also notice as it’s my first cycle i’ve read a ton online that less is more and don’t go crazy with it. Planning to keep my first cycle at 375mg a week because for health reasons I want to keep my cycles to just test. This will allow me to increase to 500 or so on the next one and still see a nice boost again. Somethings that I want to note that i’ll probably get slammed for but I really want others like me to take note of as they may be wondering too. I have Ulcerative Colitis and PSC. I have done a ton of research online and from everything i’ve read people have actually benefited from AAS with UC as it’s an immune suppressant which is align with all the medications that we take for it. I have also read that testosterone can create a protective barrier on the liver so we will see how it goes. I have chose aromasin over arimidex as I know that it is also easier on the liver.

Pre Stats:
Age - 25
Weight - 179
Height - 5’10"
BF% - 13
Bench - 3x5 at 210
OHP - 3x5 at 120
Squat - 4x5 at 245
DL - 3x5 at 300

Test Cypionate 375MG 1 x Weekly for 12 weeks
Aromasin - 12.5 EOD
Clomid and HCG for PCT

Week 1 - 179.5 - Saturday June 23:
-Did my first injection on an empty stomach and hadn’t drank as I just woke up. Wasn’t smart because I began to sweat and almost fainted. Off to a great start! However my friend was with me and we swapped the needle and he did it in my rear delt. Injection went quite well, no pain, little shoulder stiffness i guess a few days after but hasn’t affected my lifts. By day 3 (i’m probably nuts and this is in my head) but I started feeling more aggressive and was taking less time in between sets ready to go. Most likely just caused due to the excitement as I look forward to the next pin. One other thing to note is that I have been having very bad sleeps through the night the last 2 nights, waking up several times. But then through the day I feel like I have just as much energy if not more than before.

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Week 2: Friday June 29th
Weight 181.5
After reading a bunch of articles showing statistics on test at 250mg, to 350 to 500 i decided to up it to 500 and moved it a day early to make it so my first week would have almost equaled 500 as well.

This week i injected in the thigh vs my rear delt last week. Wasn’t a huge fan of the stiffness I got in the shoulder and the leg went much easier. Had almost no pain at all during injection and has felt pretty good since then. The placebo affect the first few days of week 1 wore off and i’ve basically felt back to normal. Haven’t noticed much other than I have definitely noticed a libido spike. Added a couple reps to my lifts here and there and that’s about it so far for this week. I have also stopped the aromasin for a week as I was getting moody and noticed my joints were feeling hot and dry. That passed after about 3 days of not using it and I feel back to normal now.Apparently you shouldn’t really even need an AI on 375, but I may need to start soon now that i’m up to 500. Keeping a very close eye on my nips.

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Very interesting. Keep us posted bro. Hopefully everything goes well for you!!!
For what I understand Test Cyp. Takes a while to kick in, week 4 is when people see most of the gains.

Question though what’s the benefit or difference between 250 - 350 or 500 mg of test, besides dosages ? How much muscle would you gain and how much of that would you retain ( I know that really is up to every individual specially if it comes down to diet )

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Glad to see someone is following along! Yes, I have read as well that Cyp definitely takes quite awhile to kick in other than Libido. Bunch of friends said I should start to see something next week in week 3 and then 4 should definitely notice it.

For your question, i’m not sure if i’m allowed to share research articles in this forum but I can sum it up for you. They did a study with a number of fit, active men and gave them various levels of injections that i mentioned above. After 12 weeks the difference between 350mg and 500MG was something like 11.4 Lbs of lean muscle VS 17.1 Lbs of lean muscle. Also showing that they lost I believe about 1.5 lbs of fat extra at 500mg. That was enough data for me to immediately change my mind and bump it up to 500. It didn’t say how much they retained after PCT though, I figure that would probably come down to how well you were able to keep eating during PCT and if you had a proper PCT lined up.

Week 3: Friday July 6th
Weight 185.5

I used the left thigh this time for the injection. After a few days last week the right thigh became very stiff with all the extra fluid in it and this left thigh is doing the same. Apparently this passes after the muscle gets used to having the extra fluid in it. That aside, the weight is coming on fast! Not sure if this is the test yet, probably just from the 1000 calorie increase from switching from cutting back to bulk. I have already noticed a change in the mirror, I assume my glycogen stores have just been restored and i’m all plump now lol.

Still haven’t noticed a whole lot in the gym, maybe a little extra energy, have been adding reps to most lifts but my legs have been feeling great. Added 2 reps per set for 4 sets on squats and added 15 lbs to my leg press. I have been super motivated, eating lots, drinking lots of water and went 7 days last week!

I think that’s about it for today, if anyone has any tips or comments on my stiff thighs after injections that’d be great. Excited for what week 3 has to bring!


Did you do any pre cycle blood work to see what your natural total T and Free T was?
That is always something worth doing so you know your PCT worked. One of the blood testing sites I use(discounted) has TT/FT on sale for 30 bucks. You do need a LabCorp near you.

I had my doctor test my free T and I was at 17, so on the higher end of the normal range she said.

Thanks for following!

Depending on what lab she used the range for Free T can be 6.6 - 18.1 if you truely have a natural 17 1.1 from the top of the scale you might not feel much from your cycle. Lets say your natural TT was 800 totally possible because your Free T is so high. If you double your TT to 1600 I dought you would feel any different. My free T right now using LabCorp is 39 with a range of 6.6 - 18.1 I don’t feel anything extra at the gym. It still takes me 2 day to recover from a heavy workout.

My scale went up to about 21, may be because of my younger age. However I was also pretty shocked by the result as I have a lot of signs of low T. From everything I’ve read your TT is a little low. It seems that at 500 a week people are seeing more in the lines of 1800-2500ng/dl. With some reporting even higher on quality gear!
Hopefully this is the case for me and I feel a good bump on this cycle. Will keep everyone posted in the coming weeks when I should really notice.

Sorry I missed the part where you went up to 500. I’ve been to 1200 trough on 200 I could see 2500+ on 500. Do you monitor your blood pressure? The TRT guys are always talking about thick blood and having to donate all the time and they are just doing 120-200.

Hey man, this is how I eliminated the stiffness almost completely, after finding out that it’s usually due to small or larger injuries to the muscle during the process of injecting. I use 25g 1’ needles, and while I’m injecting I always fully let go of the syringe every second or so to see if the muscle has contracted, and if it has then the syringe will move accordingly a little bit to the left/right/up/down etc … that way you’re not cutting through the muscle fibres with the needle, and you can also monitor yourself that you’re completely relaxing that muscle during the injection of the fluid. Since I started doing that, I’m far less prone to any kind of pip or worse. Sounds very simple, but had a massive improvement come with it for me personally.

And btw my endocrinologist told me that I should donate twice during a 12 week cycle, my blasts are usually at 1000 per week.

I get monthly blood work and BP is tested at that time as well. BP was fine 2 weeks ago but that was only after a week on. Not sure how long it takes for that to get up.

Ya, I read some research articles and decided to make the jump to 500, seems like its definitely worth the extra juice!

Hi Jakob, sweet ill give that a shot this Friday! I use a 25g 1" as well, i’m going to maybe leave it in the sun for a few minutes to let that oil warm up. I also read that the muscle just plain gets used to the extra fluid after awhile so i’m hoping that the second injection in the right quad this week will be a bit better. Will keep you guys posted!

Also damn dude, 1000 per week! Notice any sides at that level?

Cheers and happy gains,

No sides at all really, maybe sweating, and amazing gains :smiley: but seriously, it’s 12.5mg of Aromasin on one day, and 6.25 on the other day, and I’m great, no water retention, and not more short fused than while cruising lol

That’s awesome, glad to hear it!

Agh, another dude on Aromasin and not Adex. So you take 12.5 1 day 6.25 the next then repeat?

I’ve been doing 12.5 E3D, every once in awhile i notice the slightest nip sensitivty but then it goes away after like 30 minutes so i’m not sure if I should up it or stay the course.

With that being said, I had my pull sesh last night and even after a long day at work I was super focused, motivated and added 10lbs to my dead lift and bent over row! I also definitely noticed the sweating side effect because I was dripping after my 2 light deadlift warm up sets lol! Can’t wait for inject day tomorrow heading into week 4!

Hey Tommy, my experience with Aromasin so far is that a regular small dosage works better for me than an irregular one, so I’d rather do 6.25 ed than 12.5eod, I also do my test on 3 shots per week instead of 2 like most guys, so I do 250mg eod … which reminds me, today is shot day :smiley: … what I like most about the regular small dosage was of Aromasin is that even if you tank your e a little bit, you’re fine the next day, vs if you take a too large dose then it takes a bit longer till your e recovers, know what I mean?
Keep it up bro :slight_smile:

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Awesome man keep us posted.
Now what was the reason to do your first cycle of Test? Was it to add more muscle or to cut and reduce body fat ? Or both ?

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I was just coming off a cut and was around 13% BF so i was pretty happy there. My main goals are to pack on as much mass as possible and get big! I’d also like to up my strength as well but i’m more hypertrophy focused.

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Week 4: Friday July 13th
Weight 191 (11.5 LB increase from the start!)

Used the right thigh again this time and it seems to be handling it much better this time. Not near as stiff and no pain. Was definitely starting to notice some increase in focus and pounded out more reps at the gym last week. Nothing too crazy but was feeling pretty good! I increased my calories to around 3500 and will stay here for another couple of weeks.

Now Saturday is when it all went bad. I’ll try and give as much detail as possible so hopefully someone can help me out. I injected Friday morning, and everything was feeling great. That night I went out with some friends, I know you’re not supposed to drink alochol on Test but I had 2 light beers. I woke up Saturday with a massive head ache, low grade fever and general crappy feeling. I also had 2 small rash patches only on my right side. I had a coffee and some tylenol and the head ache and fever went away for awhile but I was still feeling very tired my stomach was also very bloated Saturday night. Today, Sunday, I still have a pounding headache and the rash is still here. Still feeling weak and tired.

From everything I’ve read online, this is either test flu or high estrogen, or possibly a mixture of both. I took half of my 12.5 mg pills last night, a day early as i’ve been taking it E3D to see if it would make it better and hoping that i don’t crash my estrogen. I hope this isn’t an allergy to the test, It would seem very weird to take 4 weeks to notice. For now i’m going to lay low and rest up and hope that it is just test flu and it passes. Any comments would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,