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TommoHawk's Training


Going to be keeping a Log to both keep me accountable and more importantly keep me organized when it comes to progression and my training. Also hopefully along the way I can pick up some tips here and there. Excited to progress!

186 lbs.
6 ft.

I havenâ??t tested my maxes but for the last few months my training had varied with work and school and also playing a lot of football and basketball. But Iâ??m back at school now and besides the intramurals Iâ??m basically 100% focused on gaining right now (however most likely at a very lean pace because of the fact I wonâ??t give up being athletic or doing athletics)

Therefore for this cycle of training Iâ??m purposely going to scale back my maxes to calculate my weights with in order to refocus on form as well.

Bench: 235x5
BB Row: 245x5
Box Squat ~1in above parallel: 345x5
Back Squat parallel: 265x5
Deadlift: 315x5
Vertical: 32in

My training has mostly been based around athletics with spurts here and there for just some hypertrophy stuff. Now I am deciding to run a mix (why not try).

Iâ??ll be doing a program based around the ideas of incorporating hypertrophy and power as in PHAT by Layne Norton, with a bunch of help from EBomb on the percentages and philosophies here and there. The lower body portion will stay with the athletic feel as those days will be the speed and vert strength training from Kelly Baggett.

Canâ??t wait to see how this works out!

Current Pics to Come.








Back 2


That's it, terrible at posing and I don't care just to see where I'm starting at.

Get it!


GL ill be following


Upper Power (60%)

BB Row
Warm-up Ramp
165 x 4 x 5

Weighted Wide Pull-up
BW x 12
25 x 9
25 x 7

DB Row (strapless)
70 x 12
80 x 10

Flat BB Bench
Warm-up Ramp
170 x 4 x5

Weighted Dips
BW x many
25 x 12
35 x 10
45 x 9

DB Press
Warm-up Ramp
55 x 10
60 x 9
60 x 8

Camber Curl/Deadstop Skulls (donno the weight of a camber bar)
25ps x 12/25ps x 12
35ps x 8/35ps x 8
25ps x 9/25ps x 10

*Good Day, real light weight on the "power" exercises so I just tried to lift as explosively as possible. Flag Football game tonight.



Upper Power (82.5%)

BB Row
Warm-up Ramp
205 x 3 x 5

Weighted Wide Pull-up
BW x 12
25 x 10
25 x 7

DB Row (strapless)
80 x 12
85 x 9

Flat BB Bench
Warm-up Ramp
195 x 3 x 5

Weighted Dips
BW x many
25 x 12
35 x 11
45 x 10

DB Shoulder Press
Warm-up Ramp
55 x 10
55 x 8
50 x 10

Did biceps an triceps later but didn't record

*last week I did the chest portion before back because of the gym crowd however this week I went back to the way I'll be splitting up this day from now on with back first then chest. This resulted in a much more fatigued set of shoulders hence the lower weight.

**sorry for not posting the rest of last week I'm slacking but should be good to go starting now.


Lower Squat Day

Single leg on-off box jumps
Step-up box + 1p x 2 x 10LR

Lateral Hops
2 x 10LR

Single Leg Squat (to bench strict, no wobble)
BW x 10
BW x 9

DB Split Squat
40s x 10
40s x 10

Full Squat
Warm-up Ramp
205 x 8
205 x 8

Hamstring Curls (full stretch and contraction)
100 x 6
100 x 6

Standing Calves
70 x 20
70 x 20
70 x 17

*squat was light but felt explosive at 205 without putting too much strain on the groin to I stopped my ramp there leg curls were done in a PT fashion. Short, Quick, Effective day.




BB Curl (65% 10RM)
135 x 3 x 10

Incline DB Curl (45degree)
55 x 12
60 x 10
60 x 11 failure

Low Incline DB Flyes
20 x 12
20 x 11
25 x 11 failure

54 x 12
46 x 15

Hammer Curl/PJR (hammer curl done with 1s pause at top)
30 x 12/ 75 x 12
35 x 9/ 80 x 9
30 x 10/ 75 x 8

Preacher Curl/Rope Press-down
25s x 11/ 70 x 12
30s x 8/ 80 x 10

Zottman Continuous Curls/Cable Press-down
17.5 x 12/ 80 x 15
15 x 13/ 100 x 13

*right elbow started to feel a little tender so I did Zottman light instead of DB curls



Lower Deads Day

Hamstring Curls
125 x 5
125 x 5

Lunges DB
40 x 10LR
40 x 10LR

135 x 6
185 x 6
225 x 6
275 x 3
295 x 3 x 6 (vid on the last set)

High Continuous Leg Press
180 x 15
180 x 13

Smith 1 Leg Calf Raise
Smith Bar +25 x 20LR
Smith Bar +25 x 20LR
Smith Bar +25 x 16LR

12in 1 leg Box Jump
BW x 2 x 10


Pretty terrible logging but school and stuff has just been crazy hectic.

I have been going to the gym though and I will start posting accurately starting the next cycle of training instead of jumping in now and having my log all over the place (SPARKNOTES: will resume daily logging in 2 weeks)

But I'll post videos until then of a few lifts I've hit recently...