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Tomaxifen: Liquid or Tablets

I am putting together my first cycle. Thanks to this site, I know not to dose Deca 300mg EOD, moreover, without test. My friend, who got me the Deca, who has been training for 30 years even said ?don?t worry about a PCT unless your nipples start to tingle.? Then use an OTC one at that.

Without my research on this site for the past two months I would have taken his advise without question. It amazing how much people at the gym think they know. So thank you for all your terrific advise and posts.

Now my question, as I wait for a connection on the Test Eth. (pm me) I am looking for my tamoxifen post cycle. I see it comes in liquid on one site and tablets on other research sites. From reading, most I see say they use the liquid. Are tablets the same thing?