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Im sure many of the regs are feeling pestered by the influx of lamo questions from newbies like myself. Aplogies, but hay, a squeeking wheel gets grease.

So, how bout tomatoes? High carbs? High GI? ok to fry half a tomato in with yer meats for fats meals? or they too carby?

Tomatoes. yum. anyone got any facts?


Tomatoes are mostly water- I think like 70 %- not a big deal at all. Go to town~ and if your talking about "Fried Green Tomatoes" all I have to say is "Tawannnda"!


Tomatoes...eat 'em!

For your goals, something like tomatoes are A okay. They're high in Vit. C, and, if I had to guess, there's probably 20 g. carbs in a medium tomato.


antioxidents too.


dude, it's tomatoes, not tomatoes. At least pronounce it right.


Hey, you keep quiet over there Jared...




Sweet as. So its ok to down a tomato or 2 with a P+F meal?

They rock cos I fry them with my meats and I dont need any condiment sauces, i dont touch the stuff.

Vegs have me suckin answers out my thumb. How about mushrooms? Very carby? I think theyre also mostly water, and i love frying them in the mix too. in both P+F and P+C

big shout out for all the replys.


Here's a nice online resource for food nutrient information:



eat some 'maiders.. there better for you than tomatoes, but you can only find them grown in the south.


Kong that has to thee best link ever u just posted. thanks. thanks all.