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Tom Waits Fans?


Just wondering if there were any Tom Waits fans out there? I feel he is one of the great song writers of out time. Highly underated. As far as his voice....it just adds atmosphere and emotion to his songs. And if you don't like him...just save it...I hear it from my wife all the time(even though i believe she is a closet fan).


I am definitely a fan.


Genius. I got to see him live in LA on the Mule Variations tour. He entered from the back of the theater, screaming into a megaphone and throwing confetti like Rip Taylor.

Besides beiong one of the greatest singer/songwriters this country's ever produced...the man is funny as hell. The stories and jokes he tells in between songs are worth the price of admission.


Damn I envy you. How much do the tickets go for?


His latest album is genius.


Well, this was 5 or 6 years ago...but, I think it was 50 bucks. Best seats I've ever had for any show: tenth or eleventh row, dead center.

Plus, it was LA, so there were tons of famous people. Nic Cage, Benecio Del Toro, Gina Gershon, others I can't remember.

(I remember those three because BDT looked really dirty, NC's fake hair was hilarious, and GG needed attention so bad she was air-drumming. To Tom Waits.)


Big fan...it's amazing to think of all the hits he's written that no one even knows he's written. He did an "unplugged" thing or it might have been "storytellers"...anyway, just amazing.


I have a few of his albums and love them.


Rain Dogs may be the definitive Waits Album. Franks Wild Years is a closet classic. His best song? Gotta go with Jersey Girl. Springsteen blew the remake of it!


Ugh! I bet they don't even own an album...except for Del Toro...he's definitly a Tom Waits kind of guy.


Old Tom needs a stimulant or two to pick up his pace. Maybe a little crystal meth....something !


I must admit his voice is definetly an acqired taste. I tend to like his early sentimental stuff. Maybe I'm just a sucker. I think Closing Time is a minor key masterpiece and I can't say enough about The Heart of Saturday Night. Those 2 CD's have kept me company many nights after drinking has began to wane.

In terms of his songwriting he's definitely admired by many of the greats. Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello are among his fans. Plus he got Kieth Richards to play on one of his albums another underrated songwriter.


Me, me, me!

I've been listening, mostly to his older stuff, since I was 15. He's a brilliant storyteller (Nighthawks at the Diner) and is experimental and sentimental at the same time (Rain Dogs and Swordfishtrombones). Also, he has featured in quite a few movies. He and Brian Wilson are my favourite songwriters.



I bought Rain Dogs a few weeks ago, I absolutely love it. I heard Walking Spanish playing on the TV while surfing, it was on some crappy movie, I instantly got hooked. Such an amazing song, and all the others on that CD.

I'm a big fan of anything weird that's even remotely good. I love Waits, Zappa, Cpt. Beefheart, and most of all, Mr. Bungle (it's like a heavier, more demented version of Tom Waits, think Frank Zappa writing the soundtrack to an Ed Woods flick).

I really do need to be in a good mood to listen to Waits though... sometimes it's just too much.


I'm a huge Tom Waits fan. I also caught the Mule Variations tour (in Toronto) - best show I've ever seen (close second being Metallica or Ministry).

I also know a guy who produced an animated video for 'Troubles Braids' as a project for school. He ended up sending a copy to Tom who loved it and I have since seen it played here on MuchMusic. The guy received the following phone message from Tom regarding the video: " J----, saw the video, knocked my socks off...". The guy still has that message saved on his machine.


HE actually did a song for the movie Robots and Shrek 2


Saw Waits at Sanders Theater in Cambridge, MA in 1976, I think. Fine show. Good heckling from the rowdy crowd, inspired replies from onstage. One heckler will never show her face in public again.

Big. Old. Pissed off.