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Tom Venuto vs Dr John Berardi

Can someone who has read both books and or used both of these men’s programs please compare and contrast the two.

I am about to begin Eric Cressey’s Maximum Strength program and wanted to get some good nutrition advice backed by the current research. These two guys sound like they are on the cutting edge.

I see in Eric’s book that he references Dr Berardi’s 10 rules of good nutrition and Dr Berardi wrote the Forward.
But Mr Venuto’s book interests me.


What are your goals - are you looking to gain size and strength with Eric’s program? The thing about JB’s 10 habits is that they’re pretty much a perfect starting point from a health and body composition standpoint, so if you want size and strength then you could individualize the 10 habits (I.E. eat more starchy carbs throughout the day, but still keep most of them post workout).

I’d focus on the commonalities between these two people instead of devoting yourself to one or the other. John seems to be a big proponent of G-Flux, with the only stipulation being that you’re working your ass off along with this increased food intake. While I haven’t read Tom’s book yet, I’ve listened to interviews with him and it sounds like he favors a cyclical approach to gaining mass/losing fat.

But if you don’t want to get too much into it, what Eric outlines in the back of his book sounds golden.

My goal is strength gain. And I like the idea of G-Flux better the cycling. Thanks for the reply. It made me think.

I would suggest Dr. Berardi without question. There is no comparison to be made.

If you’re inquiring about diet advice while following a certain training program, it may be a good idea to start out with the diet suggestions that came with that training program. Try it for awhile and then adjust as needed.