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Tom Stoltman 286kg/629lb Atlas Stone Load

What the hell. This shit deserves its own thread.

So impressive, it’s hard to fathom. He’ll certainly surpass 300kg in his lifetime. A 700lb atlas stone load? Totally bonkers. Remember when 400 was good?


Well, he’s definitely in a league of his own when it comes to stones!

I watched the Coresports (longer) version. It had Tom’s story (he has a form of autism, asperger’s), which was pretty cool.


I remembr when no one got the 400 in Boston. No one. Not Svend or Phil even.


It’s crazy to me how much these weights are increasing. just go back and look at WSM weights from 2000-2005, log clean and press under 300 lb (I remember watching a video where they were doing a 264 lb log at WSM around 2002 or so), stone load series with the largest stone in the 350 range. Now those numbers would make you a good (not even great) MW competitor.

I guess people are just getting stronger or there is more people getting into it, so there is a larger pool of talent. :man_shrugging:

Bit of a tangent but how does Tom improve on his record stone loading event when he already loves fast and one motions all of them?

get stronger… that’s about it really.

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Same as anything else. Use a bigger stone for your rep work. It’s not discussed too much, but diameter is the biggest factor in a stone, not the actual weight. If you put a lead core in a 300lb stone and make it 400lbs, you have a much better shot at it than a 350lb stone that’s totally concrete. That bigger diameter for the lighter stone makes it much harder.

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I mean the event where there a series of stones for time

I’ve done a small amount of stone work before. And the size is killer.
I’m only 6 foot tall and I have a average reach. So if I couldn’t get my arms over it to roll up my body - I lost it.

But this is the joy of strong man. It’s all about strange loads, odd sized and shaped object.

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Whatever weight you do reps with you will get to really fast, the ones above that are tough. So ideally, you would want to do reps with whatever the number 5 stone is. Not realistic for most guys to rep that though.

I’m 6 foot dead, but monkey arms. Last time I checked my reach was 77 inches. The setup is everything. Where you put your feet is critical, and you have to grab it dead on the centerline with your hands as big as you can make them. You bend over and pick it up. A lot of guys do weird stuff like trying to forklift the stone or something, Speed is important too, down and up quick, so if it rolls it can just roll into your lap and become a two-motion. Too much leg bend is a mistake.

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