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Tom Martin Deadlifts 771 lbs @ 181 (350 kg @ 81kg BW)


"Tom Martin today pulled 350kg to better Ed Coan's long standing IPF junior world record (347.5kg at 82.5kg bodyweight in Dallas, 1984). The lift took place at the GBPF/BUCS British University Championship.

It is currently unknown whether the record will be counted as an official world record as it was not an international competition.

Click view full story to see the video of all Tom's lifts, and view the comments thread below to see the reaction." - http://www.sugdenbarbell.co.uk/news/tom-martin-deadlifts-world-record-350kg


Great deadlift and squat, he has some really long arms!!


wow, im always surprised at the size of some of these lifters for the weight they put up.


Very impressive. How tall is this dude?


awesome, extra points for conventional. hope he gets eisemans 800 @ 82.5


how the hell was that first squat red lighted??


if it was at a santioned meet by a recognized powerlifting federation the lift may go down as counting for a world record for his age and weight in a general archive website like powerliftingwatch, but it will not be counted as far as the ipf is concerned as may have been insinuated by the article. although i'm not sure if an ipf world record has to be broken in international competition, i do know that 2 out of the 3 judges have to be international caliber judges recognized by the ipf for being able to count lifts as world records, and it seems this is not the case in this meet.


Until the end of this year, IPF world records can be broken at National level and international level events so long as the judging criteria is met. After Jan.1 (I think) IPF records can only be set at International and Regional level meets.

I'm not familiar with how the British associations are affiliated and what level this was, but assuming this is an IPF affiliate, if this qualified as a National event (I don't know), the record may count. But I doubt their University contests are National level.

Either way, that was one hell of a pull and he may well be the first (and only for a really long time) to hold the IPF world deadlift record if he competes at the World championships (or a regional event) next year.


x2 The judge called parallel on the second attempt way low too. Guess that's what he wanted from the first one.


Apparently parallel to him is defined as, "armpits to hips." And people wonder why Americans hate judged sports...


He's no Ed Coan!


I don't think anyone will ever make an argument to the contrary, Coan is in a class of his own in everyones minds I think.

Still this guy has great levers for pulling and is crazy strong for his weight, awesome pulling and awesome effort.


nope. but he is "tom martin" and has a bigger deadlift at that age/class. credit is due.


Was the lifting good? I turned it off after 2 seconds because the music was so bad.


He broke Coans deadlift record...

The guy is a freak and is going to absolutely tear shit up if he sticks around in the sport.


I guess you dont have to be heavy to be strong... Brilliant effort




You could hit the mute button LOL