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Tom Martin... Again


After beating Coan's Jr. Deadlift record (at 181), he's now tied Brunazzi's all time 181 Open pull.

That's 20+ pounds on a 771lb deadliftin 4 months...


Thats just re god dam diculous


Jesus christ.


This kid is absolutely insane. I KINDA know him, got some good friends who compete at the same competitions.

I saw him in Bournemouth juniors last Feb where he deadlifted 302.5kg (incidentally the highest deadlift of the comp despite being in the 82.5s)

Saw him at the seniors in July, can't remember what he deadlifted there tbh.

Did you know he's also running a 10.xx 100m?

Great stuff


i;m betting on 365+ at his next contest