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Tom Martin 82.5kg 350kg DL



Seems like he has more talents:

Apparently he also ran 100m at 10.5sec.


I saw this a little while back...unbelievable.


the music


<---- downloads miley cyrus and runs to the gym to deadlift


Long arms FTW.


Terrific lift , and seems so humble about it too .

Well done , T.


Encouraged me to look up the lifts of the former 82,5kg lifter of Finland by the name of Jarmo Virtanen.

Here's footage from 1993 finnish championships, doing a seemingly light 340kg sumo style. Seemed to be good for more.


Just blows my mind...



Just looking at him, you'd never guess he lifted weights, let alone was able to pull shitton of weight off the floor. Definetely a sleeper...

Also, that was some SERIOUS squat and Bench. If anyone ever makes a lame excuse again about having long wingspan and torso and thus not being able to bench much (or, worse, won't bring it down to their chest cause of their long arms) you just show htem this vid and tell them to stop finding excuses for themselves!!!

And the 100m dash -- pfff - at my best i was able to run 50m for 6.6 and i thought i was fast. Damn, he'd blow me out of the water on 100 haha!