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Tom MacCormick Training Article

Interesting training split in this article. Wish he laid out a sample program to determine volume per session.
Anyone have an idea as to where to set volume?
Did upper/calves today with one movement per muscle, using CTs BDW2 scheme. Figuring on significant increase in volume tomorrow since it’s legs only.
Any input would be appreciated.

I would check out an article written by Fred Hatfield called “Finding the ideal training split”. His article is a little further in depth, taking in account what type of lifter you are. As for volume, Prilepins chart is pretty spot on with what I can recover from in the bench and squat and I follow the SSPT Deadlift chart for heavy pulls weekly. If you’ve got enough experience, you should have an idea. If not, take a look at Prilepins or the Henriques charts and try to find a baseline of what you are able to make progress with and recover from at the same time as far as the bigger compound barbell lifts are concerned. Assistance, I wouldn’t take that seriously. Just find a progression model you like and go with it.

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Thanks. I’m familiar with Prilepins table. Will look at the others.