Tom Leykis

Just wondering how many of you listen to (and what you think of) Tom Leykis?

I listen to him in Dallas. He’s a funny funny guy. Not sure I believe any of his crap. but it’s funny.

Howard Stern is the man.

if i went on the howard stern show id kick his scrawny old ass him and tom leykis’ fat bald ass tom lykis never gets laid but i guess video kills the radio star. they both just thrive off of shock results howard sterns just a funny lookin dude that thinks hes the shit because he has an opinion on everything.

The only T man radio jock is The Greaseman. He has pushed weight lifting throughout his career.

Can I help? If you use your right hand to type, there are these keys that are struck by the middle, ring and little finger on the bottom row used for punctuation. Punctuation is the way you break apart sentances and clauses. They are a wonderful tool to use. They can be fun, too!! Books use punctuation. Comic books use them, too. If someone has checked out the book from the library in your home town, use your crayon to add your name to the waiting list. A waiting list is a list created to establish order.

You guys need to listen to Opie and Anthony. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! They were recently syndicated, though they broadcast out of NY. Look for them and you’ll never listen to Leykis again!

Love em. He can rally teach the young guys somethin about the ladies. And he can keep some people from being used so much. Good advice.