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Tom Hardy in Warrior


What do you guys think? I'm assuming it's pretty safe to say that the guy was on gear while training for this role? For those of you who have seen previews for the movie, he looks absolutely huge.


Seriously? This bullshit again?


Tell me about it. The only men I've ever met outside this forum who obsess about other men's physiques (who they don't even know) as much as some of the guys on this site are fullblown ass-pirates.


Didn't you leave the forums in a hissy fit a while back? Flaming threads is no bueno.. or so I hear.


Hope is just an illusion.


It's hard to say - maybe, but I saw the trailers and he doesn't look particularly huge to me.


What I do is really THAT important to you to worry about what do I and why I do it? Why thank you. I have something called a "real life" and freedom of choice so I post and respond as I see fit.

Anyway, I love how you really have no response so you decide to try and take your own thread off on a tangent by trying to go personal. Sorry to disappoint you. It won't work.

So I ask you once again, "Seriously? This bullshit again?" Please stick to the subject at hand.


Wait, could you be possible speaking of the same freedom that I am entitled to? Oh the hypocrisy in this thread is running rampant.

And I did not respond to "Seriously? This bullshit again?" because I have absolutely no clue as to what the fuck you are talking about. That sentence is pretty damn vague.


If you have been on here awhile and read any other threads or the other responses to you in this one, you would know that it was referring to the fact that every time an actor bulks up or puts on some size there is a thread or discussion as to whether or not they are on steroids. Tom Hardy is NOT huge. Does he look bigger than he has in other roles? I guess. I am honestly not a big Tom Hardy fan, so I don't pay that much attention. I see nothing in the picture you posted or other pictures I have seen from the movie in other places or even in the previews or trailers to make me even WONDER if he has taken steroids. He looks in good shape and well-conditioned, but to achieve what he has, from what I have seen, no, it doesn't take steroids.

Does that answer your question?


Actually, it does. This is a bodybuilding forum and it's one of the few places to ask this sort of question. Just like people who compete professionally, actors who put on a lot of size always spark my curiosity, especially when it's done ridiculously quick.

Either way, I apologize about earlier. No need for any of this aggressive banter. I was just curious as to what everyone thinks.



We been doing it for days..


This is not a bodybuilding forum. It's a forum called "Get A Life/Off Topic". This is one of the only forums on this site that ISN'T directly related to bodybuilding or anything like it. There is an actual bodybuilding forum here where you can fawn all over another male's physique all you want.



I kinda thought my pic represented everyone's true feeling for the others (pricks).



If I remember correctly, he put on some size for Bronson, as well. You have a few things you need to remember when actors and actresses do that:

  1. They have all the time, money, supps, food trainers etc. at their disposal the Average Joe doesn't have.

  2. The camera works wonders. The saying that it adds 10 pounds is true.

  3. Possible muscle memory. You have no idea how big he may have been in the past and like I said, in Bronson he put on serious size from what I recall. I have personally seen muscle memory kick in to the tune of 30 pounds in 3 months when I got hurt and was laid up and couldn't lift.


Oh god dammit..

This was posted in a bodybuilding forum but a moderator moved it over here.


Low bodyfat, combined with putting mass on the shoulders, chest and arms, can give the illusion that he's bigger than he is.


I don't really care either way, and I like it when everyone is mad at each other.

I always imagine DBcoop stomping around the room like Rick Flair before he beats his keyboard within an inch of its' life.

The movie looks badass, Nolte as an alcoholic? Naaaaaaawwww.

The other brother that isn't Hardy was in that Aussie gangster movie. Not a bad actor, kind of a tough guy.
Looking forward to seeing it.


I guess you missed their ever-so-subtle message by moving it over here.


He looks pretty good for an MMA fighter role. I don't get your obsession with whether he was using steroids or not. I don't even see why it would matter. Unless he's made more gains in the last six months than you have in 2 years, then I'd be a little jealous too.

Overall the movie looks pretty good. I may go see it at the theater, we'll see. If not, I'll be sure to catch it on Netflix.