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Tom Evans' Log

Little background- training for powerlifting since 15. Stopped for 6 months due to being rear ended by a small bus in traffic. Finished physical therapy 2 months ago and done prehabbing I have started training for over a month now. My best lifts geared are 515 squat, 317 bench and 505 DL. My best me is currently a 505 box squat off a foam pad. Will have videos when I compete in 2013 or maybe sooner if my lifts get better. Am 16 years old 6’4 270 as of this evening.

DE squat off 1 in above parallel
8x2 275
DE pulls xtra wide sumo 3x2 250
Hammer curls 4x10
Standing pulldowns abs
Heavy vertical hack squat up to 4 plates for 5 easy reps
Lat pulldowns 4x5 varying grips

Training to break national deadlift record of 611.75 lbs for 17 year old lifters in 2013 USAPL teen open

Yesterday’s food-
3 cups oatmeal w/ whole milk, 1 big glass whole milk, 1 big glass orange juice, two yogurts and two sugar cookie poptarts 2 bottles water
12 am 4 poptarts and two big honey buns with a big grape gatorade plus two bottles of water
2 am two sandwiches on whole grain bagels and a big bowl of chicken soup 2 bottles water
5 am four hotdogs on whole wheat bread with ketchup 1 bottle water 1 big glass whole milk 1 Atreat sarsaparilla soda 1 protein bar and three chips a hoy cookies
7 am Dinner four pieces chicken in gravy with pasta and string beans plus two big glasses whole milk and 1 bottle water
11 am 3 unfrosted strawberry poptarts plus a honey bun a big glass of whole milk and 1 bottle water

No training today
Nutrition was and will be
3 cups oatmeal w/ whole milk, 1 big glass whole milk, 1 big glass orange juice, two yogurts and two sugar cookie poptarts 2 bottles water
12 am 4 poptarts and two big honey buns with a two big glasses whole milk plus two bottles of water
2 am two sandwiches on whole grain bagels and a big bowl of chicken soup 4 bottles water
5 30 am 1 whole mystic pizza plus milk 1 mountain dew (my diet is fucked!!!) cookies bar etc
7 30 am Dinner
10 am Big protein shake and half a bag of chips plus popcorn with real butter

Hydrotherapy and hottub tonight

Did lots of shit for upper body hypertrophy last night. Pizza hut tonight!

Did hydrotherapy again tonight

Max effort lower body. Did pulls off of a 6 inch platform. Worked up to 365 for a triple. All in all I just did triples 135-365 and then 3x5 w/ 225. Could have went probably 90-100 lbs heavier for a single, but had to leave. Fucking pissed. It was a productive session though as I was able to identify some areas begging for correction. Platform pulls always work really well for me.

I haven’t been updating this, but I hit a PR a week ago for ME lower body. 515 box squat off a parallel box with a tempurpedic foam pillow on top of it in place of a foam pad. Used an Altus belt.

In about 1 1/2-2 months I’ll have saved enough money aside from insurance, food and gym memberships to order a pair of metal pro briefs and some bands for my gym.


Thanks! Same goes for your log

Tonight I finished the accessory work I missed last night. Shrugs, 10-15 reps w/ 100#-125# DB’s. Hack squat vertical up to 5 plates for hypertrophy. Pull throughs sets of 5 w/ 120#. Tried to do “ghetto” GHR’s and fell flat on my fucking face like an asshole. I was talking to a trainer who also powerlifts and apparently the way the lat pulldowns at my gym are designed makes it nearly impossible to do them, especially for taller guys.
Then (standing) pulldown abs. Then did fingertip farmers walks w/ 90# dbs for 50 yard total trips x3. Went in hottub.

In a couple of weeks the wrestling season is over. Which means I should have a training partner, which means I’ll have some videos on here soon.

Looking back at my ME work the past two weeks my squat has improved significantly by my weight gain. My BWT was 264 this morning. My deadlift has suffered.


Because I love Zappa and They comin into your fucking house and taking your shit! If that is not motivating you are fucked.

I’d rather be fat and happy than skinny and a bitch.

Kneeling squats for ME work up to 565 for a single.
Abs side bends and decline sit ups w/ a 45# plate
Pull-throughs 3x6 up to 130

Friday was ME upper body finally
Push press up to 245. Fucking sucks. Need to drastically improve my shoulders.
Accessories were close grip pulldowns, hammer curls, and db shrugs.

The marks on my knees from doing the kneeling squats are gone today.


Dynamic mobility- stretching, Hindu throws (thank you Storm the Beach), light pull throughs
DE squats 315 8x2 plus other lighter sets
DE pulls 2x conv 2x sumo w/ 225
Bosu basketball w/ 25# and then I just threw it at the wall from half court, the wall was covered in a reflexive surface for about 15 min altogether
5 min on an incline elliptical with varying levels of resistance

DE bench 8x2
Shoulders, seated cleans to strict Arnold presses w/ 40s for high reps
Then I realized I had just done ME work on Friday and not Thursday so that was it.
Did an extra workout for my legs-
Farmers walks, 4 trips w/ 240 lbs 90 yds total in a trip

Free weight full ROM squats 405x3
Free weight full ROM pulls 425x3
Box jumps 15x 24’-35’
Jump rope x100
2x6 leg curls
Working on conditioning more
Carb backloading lol… Is it really backloading if I just eat a pound of carbs and go to bed, and still eat whatever I want during the day? Eating healthier now.

Floor press, warm ups and then 225x3x3, 235x3, 245x2, 250x2, Huge PR for me, used to just get 235x1 on these. However, I do need to really bring up a weakness in my left arm brought on by an old wrist injury. Breathing again during the lift, starting to really love pressing… even though I suck.
OH extensions and pushdowns with two different attachments
One arm DB extensions high rep
One arm cable pushdowns 1x
DB cleans to Arnold press 3x5 w/ 40# extremely strict
HS low rows 1x20 1x10 with 1 and 2 45# plates

Accepted for an early college program. Get to leave high school, get my G.E.D, go to community college, and then transfer to a college of my choice out of a select list. Going to specialize in either computer science and art/computer science and music w/ a focus in relating that to neurology or theoretical computer science i.e. quantum computing. Probably the first one as the latter would possibly result in a (albeit possibly high-paying) corporate position with potential government contracting… NSA anyone? My top choices are Reed, CMU, and Princeton. Really liking CMU though…

2150 on the SAT’s third time around. Did better than last time, but worse than the first. Excited about life. Yes I am an asshole. I am sorry.

Found a number of powerlifting friendly gyms in my area as well as a powerlifting club. Planning on checking these out over the next couple of weeks. May have another job opportunity in May.

20x3x275 for time, 3:23. 3x315x2 regular speed work, 3xconv 3xsumo pulls w/ 225. Med ball conditioning work, side bends.

Heavy prowler, sled work today at a new gym.

Also, competing in August in New Brunswick in the USAPL. Single-ply, Inzer TRX and Inzer phenom.

FUCKING A They have a GHR, Stones, 8 tires, bands, prowler, two sleds, ELITE FTS E-series jesus… 15 min from my house. Thank god.

4 prowler trips 320# 30 yds. 4 trips 220# 60 yds Med ball work (hindu throws, forward leg/hip reverse throws), stones, 100kgx15, Jumps, 3x3 32 in

DE bench, 12x3 135-155, varying grips
Incline press 65x10 Explosive, 70x10 explosive, Floor press same
Decline rack presses 225x10, 275x5, 315x3, 225x5, 185x5,135x5
Wide grip bent over barbell rows- 2x135x6, 1x225x6
Supersetted the rows with strong band pushdowns, 2x20, held for 3-5 seconds at the bottom

Gonna do reverse band deadlifts with the black bands tomorrow