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Tom DeLay convicted of money laundering


Huge news. Felony money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering. I'm surprised this isn't already being discussed in a PWI thread. For my part I'm of the opinion he ought to rot in jail for a maximum sentence.


Agreed. Crooked politicians violate the public trust and should be harshly punished.


So... all of them?


I argue that depending on the situation that they cause more harm than murderers, bank robber, drug dealer, etc. But when Willie gets caught and he can't afford elite attorneys he goes away for a long time. Even though he only hurt one person or stole a fraction of money, or sold a drug that nobody died from.

According to ^^^^ this logic some politicians should get life back to back or the death penalty.


If he was a Democrat it would be lol


I think they should. Corruption is incredibly serious because government has so much power. It should rank with the worst crimes.


Every. Single. Fucking. One.

Maybe if we start grinding out hard time for them they'll finally start being public SERVANTS like they were meant to be in the first place and not a damn political class.



You're probably right. But I'm surprised one of the lefties didn't bring it up either. I mean, this was major news.


I agree 100%, with some provisos. Murder and rape are still murder and rape--they should be punished with the most severe sentences. Violent crime is still violent crime. I haven't put a ton of thought into the specific choices yet, but there are many, many other crimes that go along with that no matter how low of a station Willie has in life.

I think the solution is to simply give much harsher sentences to politicians for non-violent crime. And make them serve it in a REGULAR prison, not some damn country club. Just 1 correctly placed and networked politician has the ability to harm the entire country--all 300 million of us--when he commits a crime in order to stay in power, office, or to put a specific kickback on the front burner for personal gains. The law of unintended consequences increases its aftereffects exponentially based on a person's sphere of influence. When that sphere has the potential to harm every single living person in the country through bad decision making, punishment aught to be hard and swift.

Note here I'm not talking about mistakes in governing. Mistakes will always happen and depend on one's ideological viewpoint. I'm talking specifically about crimes committed in order to stay in power or increase power base. "fruit of a poisoned tree" sort of thing.


What he did should not be considered a crime in the first place.

Freedom of association.

At worst he's guilty of hypocrisy -- politicians, huh?


What the hell are you talking about? You don't consider money laundering a crime??


He doesn't understand the definition of words. It is really amazing.


I many times have sympathy for people who try to keep their own earnings. However, when the person is one who helps write the rules he is avoiding, I have none.


In the People's Republic of Travis County, by an activist Democrat prosecutor (Ronny Earl, who has been temporaily disbarred and reprimanded previously for a bogus attempted prosecution on both Republican Senators of Texas) and a hand-picked Democrat Judge.

The Appellate Court (in earlier proceeding called a "mandamus") already said that the case was a sham and would be reversed, but declined to dismiss until after judgment for procedural reasons.

I am no fan of Tom DeLay, but using the police powers of the State for political purposes like this is the exact thing that dictators in bannana republics do.

Neither Democrats, nor Republicans, should applaud that type of abuse, even if the subject is a scum bag like DeLay.


So... all of them?


Here's how egregious DeLay's crimes were/are: almost the entire PWI forum who has participated here agrees he should rot in hell. Bipartisan agreement.




Hot Damn we have a consensus! Mark the day on your calendars folks---there won't be another one for 347 more years. It's like Haley's Comet, only more elusive.


That is true, I try really hard to find one redeeming quality in this person and not because I want to be a decent human being but out of sheer fascination.


Yeah, but he tried to hide money that was given to him "illegally" for a political campaign. The government says it was illegal for him to take that money which I believe is a violation of freedom of speech and association.

Again, hypocrisy is no crime. If there were no laws against what he did it would have been out in the open and we wouldn't be having this discussion.

I am just trying to be consistent. What he did was not a violation of someone else's property rights; on the contrary his property rights have been violated -- all for a political show that you fellows love so much.