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Tom Cruise's Job


What a joke.


Why are you on TMZ website?


It was linked on my FB account by a friend of mine who is in the USMC, thought it was worth sharing for lulz.


Honestly I don't really care what Tom Cruise says or thinks, Its to bad in this country to many people make to big a deal about some stupid shit said by some panty waste actor who thinks he is special.


I'm really happy *hops on couch. NOT IN MY HOUSE BITCH !!!!!!!!SMACK!!!


and not a single fuck was given..


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TMZ is about as reputable as The Onion


I thought it has already been established? Tom Cruise is a nut.


Yeah Cruise can be odd, but I LIKE THAT....I LIKE IT....It works for him, and he still has the balls to do
stunts himself from time to time that would make Men half his age shit their fuckin' pants.

Normal actors are boring anyway...What, you guys like "normal" people?....who the fuck is normal and
level-headed and loved by everyone here? And what celebrity is normal anyway?
I'm waiting....Crickets on that one I bet.


Some kid I went to high school with is a Paparazzi for TMZ. He likes it... basically just rides around LA on his motor cycle, getting high, until someone calls him about a celebrity (you get 50 bucks for a referral).


Well, considering that both acting and most MOS mean you're sitting around doing jack shit for 95% of the time, it ism indeed comparable.


Tom Hanks, Morgan Freeman (besides the whole marrying his granddaughter-in-law thing), Clint Eastwood and the list goes on...


Just what I was thinking. Months of boredom punctuated by moments of terror.


Lol at people taking TMZ as a legit news source.

That's not exactly what he said...


I bought it.


Not to mention that the original context for the comment was apparently to do with being separated from his daughter for extended and often indeterminate periods of time for work. In that sense it's not quite as ridiculous as it sounds at first blush. When asked if he felt his work was otherwise comparable to active duty, Cruise apparently dismissed the suggestion as being utterly absurd.

TMZ, bastion of journalistic integrity, of course ran with "Tom Cruise says acting is like being in Afghanistan" because it makes for a better headline.

FTR, I couldn't care less either way, the guy's still a bit of a fruit loop regardless.