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Tom Cruise voted Best Arms

I was just reading People Weekly, and saw they voted Tom Cruise as having the “Best Arms”. Are they serious?? Who was the competition between, Tom Cruise and Venus de Milo? Come on, this HAD to be some kind of misprint.

Mission Impossible Part I he had nice arms. Never much before or after. Then again, in Hollywood, Leo DiCaprio is considered buff. I read once where they said he “buffed up” for his role in The Beach. Did you see The Beach? His muscle was only slightly visible, weighed about 150 tops. But Cruise did look built in MI:I.

That’s funny, because over here in Japan there was a short spot on one of the variety shows that showed DiCaprio jogging along the beach. The commentary was that, for such a young guy, he sure did have some jiggly love handles. (And he surely does!)

Who did they vote amongst? I kow that Arnold and Sly are still in Hollywood, and they still have better physiques at 60 than any of these other guys. The Rock is an actor now, what about him? Vin diesel, as much as I don’t want to give him props, has better guns. Me and about 5 people I work with have better guns. I would give it to Ving Rhames, or what about Howie Long. So what if they are doing Radio Shack commercials right now.The list goes on.