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Tom Cruise Says YES To Placenta





He changed his mind pretty quick.


I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.


What a psycho.


Wierd. Some cultures believe eating the placenta helps prevent post-natal depression. It is supposed to taste like beef(what?), and has the texture of a heart meat. I China they dry it, then grind it up and ingest it. No thank you.


Lots of animals actually do that so I guess it's not BAD for you. But that's the female eating it to replace lost nutrients.

Wonder why he would even think about something like this??

(If cooked and spiced up it might be tasty?)



Hey guys, I'm the heir to $14,156,474 dollars according to Umu Olekumi from Nairobi, Kenya. All I have to do is send him $5,000 for "service fees" and I get the inheritance.

I'm the luckiest man in the world!


Yeah but be careful when out in bars, you might end up losing one of your kidneys.


Tom Cruise should have been strangled with his own umbilical cord.



I saw a tv programme the other day where a british chef called Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (not sure if I spelt that correctly but that really is his name!) made pate out of a woman's placenta and then they served it up on crackers to a load of guests at a party to celebrate the birth.

Thay told everyone what it was, and they all ate it!

Now that turns my stomach.


I hope for his sakes its like eating polar bear liver and gets vit A overdose or something.

As for animals eating the placenta, well my cat used to store dead birds for about 3 weeks then eat them, so cast iron guts all the way.


Some people plant a tree when a child is born and put the placenta in the ground under the sapling, to help it grow. I kid you not.

I'd like to say that people should at least donate their cord blood to the hospital. Very selfish not to.


Hugh would eat his own shit with sugar on it and probably make it look pallatable.
The guy is a legend.


Maybe by eating the placenda right there he will get food poisoning and die. And whats with the no sound during birth. I'm no broad... but I'd fuckin kick a guy in the balls if he said I couldn't make noise when I was gonna have a bowling ball come out of me.


Stop being pussies.

Tom Cruise is just on the quality mass bulking diet.


And I always though that pick-up line about drinking a girl's bathwater was cheesy...


True. I know several ppl who have done that.

Having had a homebirth, it's not that 'weird' in my mind. I know women who were hemhorraging after their births and when a piece of placenta was placed under the tongue, the bleeding stopped. People make placenta prints, too. Lay it on a piece of paper and then remove it to let the paper dry. You can also dry it, grind it, and put it in little capsules and swallow them. There are TONS of placenta recipes out there, too.

It's not something I would go and do, but whatever works for them.

And I certainly wouldn't cook it up and eat it.

As for Tom.... Ugh. What a whack job. And since he changed his mind so quickly about eating the placenta, I think he probably said that for shock value.


Well it certainly is a weird and wonderful world!

I think most animals eat the placenta, is otherwise a waste of protein etc.. and if the mothers don't eat it, then scavengers do.

I wouldn't be surprised if Tom ate the baby, too.


That dude is a freak.


OMG what a kook. And just what he needs, more female hormones circulating in his bloodstream. I bet he's a soy-boy.