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Tom Cruise Has No Sense Of Humor


Tom Cruise got Comedy Central to cancel Wednesday night's cablecast of a controversial "South Park" episode about Scientology by warning that he'd refuse to promote "Mission Impossible 3," insiders say.

Since Paramount is banking on "MI3" to rake in blockbuster profits this summer, and Paramount is owned by Viacom, which also owns Comedy Central, the tactic worked. The "South Park" episode, "Trapped in the Closet," pokes fun at Scientology and shows Cruise, John Travolta and R. Kelly (who is not a Scientologist, but has a song called "Trapped in the Closet") literally in a closet.

The episode, which first aired last November, was set to rerun Wednesday night, but was mysteriously pulled at the last minute.Now, Hollywood Interrupted reports Cruise went straight to the top - to execs at Viacom - and warned he'd boycott the promotion for "MI3" unless the "South Park" episode was pulled.


Tom Cruise is a fucking dipshit. Though his promotion of scientology he is a direct accomplice in theft, harrassment, extortion, libel, assault, kidnapping and murder. I would be absolutely thrilled if someone killed him tomorrow.


yeah, i've seen that episode. it was hilarious, just search and dowload it off the net. F%$K Tom Cruise. The fact that the word "science" is in scientology thoroughly pisses me off.
BTW, if i haven't said it allready, that episode is hilarious and everyone who can handle a southpark joke should see it.


That episode was funny, I think I'll just go download it.


boo tom cruise because he sucks at acting first, and secondly boo tom cruise because a 'science-fiction' writer came up with a new story, and cruise believes its a religion.

tom cruise is totally brokeback.

if you haven't seen top gun ii: brokeback squadron, i suggest searching google for it immediately.

tom cruise sucks ass.

end rant.


I wasn't planning to watch MI3 anyway.


"Chef" also quit the show over that episode. Isaac Hayes is a Scientologist, and it is pointed out, by South Park Studios, that he didn't have a problem with South Park making fun of Christians, Muslims, or Jews.

The really sad thing is the show listed the true basis of the religion. (That we are all possessed by alien souls.)

I don't care what these people's religion is, but when they throw their weight around to suppress speech, I get a little annoyed.

I won't be seeing MI 3, or anything else Tom Cruise does.

Now as far as Scientology, it is known that they use brainwashing techniques. In the past they have been buying up copies of their own book Dianetics, and reselling them to the bookstores to keep it on the bestseller list. A non profit anti cult group who fought against Scientology was pushed into bankruptcy by their fight with the group, and Scientology bought their organizations name, and started pretending they were the anti-cult group.

I'll probably get sued for this post by the Scientologists.


I'll watch it because I don't give a shit. Tom Cruise seems like an airhead...just like most actors. The others just don't get as much exposure for every idiotic thing they say. It isn't like deep philosophical debates are going on right now in the Hilton household. I like South Park for the most part and it sucks that an actor can shut down the showing of a show for something like this...HOWEVER, the largest focus for any hatred of the situation should be on...get ready for it...here it comes...almost there...THE OWNERS OF THE FUCKING NETWORKS WHO CARE THIS MUCH ABOUT THE MONEY ONE MOVIE WILL RAKE IN THIS SUMMER.

Getting mad at Tom Cruise for this is like getting mad that professional athletes get paid so much while ignoring the simple fact that somebody who actually owns the team and doesn't play, coach or anything else is making MUCH MORE.


"This is what they actually believe"...

The wag of the finger goes to Tom Cruise


Does anyone have a ligitimate reason to say what this poster just said about tom cruise? do you listen to his viewpoints and actively try to understand his point of view, or do you just jump on the bandwagon? i don't get where all the hatred comes from, it's not valid at all.


Tom Cruise rules this planet.



Read through some of this material the consider that Tom Cruise is an OT8, Operating Thetan 8, or 'Clear,' which of course means that like L Ron, Tom can fly through the air, teleport himself instantly to any point on the planet, read minds and cure disease with the power of thought... but it would be irresponsible to do so willy nilly.


Too bad. It was a hysterical episode.


I don't know if this has been posted yet...

Tom Cruise less desirable than Saddam Hussein


Tom Cruise needs to remember one thing, that he is only an "actor", he is not some intellect that people desire to listen to. The only thing he has proven to people is that he is capable of running his big mouth, before engaging his brain. We can only hope that the next " impossible mission" he is on, will be to his retirement home, so that the other 99.9% of the world doesn`t have to listen to him anymore.


Meanwhile, he is still one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. Some of you need to seperate entertainment from politics yourselves.


It sucks that the scientologists pressured Paramount into pulling that episode off the air. I am relieved that we didn't have to watch scientologists all over the world burn embassies, kill people, and riot in protest of a cartoon. That would have been a silly reaction.


minor hijack alert
The owners have their own huge amounts of money invested into the teams/stadiums and should be allowed a return on their investment. Just as you should be allowed to earn a return on you huge investment of time you spent in college, med school a time spent serving our country.
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I agree that tom Cruise is pompous ass but is decent entertainer si I'll watch MI3.


Reading this post, I place the blame squarely on Paramount, who apparantly care more about their projected profits than the integrity of their business. Tom Cruise is a fucking whack-job. Can't really blame that pretty idiot shell for an alien soul, lol. I don't watch his movies, and likely scarce Paramount entertainment either, including South Park. Good riddance to it all.


A SF writer who used to hand print his manuscripts on toilet paper...

He wasn't even a decent SF author. He wrote space operas that make Star Wars seem sophisticated.