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Tom Brady SUCKS!!


OK, He really doesn't suck. I was watching "the Tom Brady 6" an espn documentary on Tom Brady's early struggles for recognition, him being the sixth string quarterback in college and being chewed up by NFL scouts that basically they were saying he had no business being in the NFL that high school quarterbacks threw better than him. Now I understand that he worked hard and never gave up but alot of people work hard and never made it. So what made him so special? how can arguably(arguably I don't want to start another fucking debate about this) the greatest QB of alltime be overlooked until the 199th pick? How can he suck so much early on and become great in the NFL? Where did that magic come from? LIke I said.. alot of people work their butts off and never really shine in the NfL and alot of these people were stars in high school and college unlike Tom Brady... does that have something to do with it? does the success get to their head and they stop trying hard? thoughts and opinions. Here is the link... Its a must see... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npBKRuctmVs




you were right the first time, he does suck.


I despise him because he plays for the Pats, but I respect him for being such a great player. I like the fact he gets fired up and shows emotion on the field, like my favorite QB.


If you are really curious about the development of skill you can pick up the book Talent is Overrated. The general idea is that there is a difference between practice and deliberate practice. The 10,000 hour rule and putting in time do not paint the full picture, after all, most people work 45 hours a week for 30+ years and never really get any better at what they do.

An example from the book was that as a general rule, the more experience an auditor or a doctor has, the less likely they are to detect corporate fraud (auditor) and the less knowledgeable they become about basic anatomy and diseases (doctor). Simply spending time doing something is not enough to improve.

Spending time deliberately working on weak areas and tackling things that are not very fun to do is the primary difference between those that are okay at something and those that are great. There are outliers in the doctor/auditor example that get genuinely more skilled year after year, and the difference between the two groups is deliberate practice.

Obviously there are some limitations to this from a physical perspective (there will never be a 5' 0" quarterback in the NFL if all lineman are 6'+), but the general idea holds true for all realms of skill and efficacy.


first off theres no such thing as 6th string, he was drafted in the 6th round not a 6th string QB. secondly he's probably one of the most competetive athletes in all of sports, let alone football. that competetive drive is what makes him exceed expectations and take advantage of opportunities when he gets them.


I hate him too, he just moved into his new home, 11 miles from me.


Also, he didn't suck in college or high school ... He started at Michigan his junior and senior year and beat out a very talented QB (Drew Hensen) for the starting role, winning all but one game and beating Alabama in the bowl game they played being dubbed the "Come Back Kid".

I'm pretty sure you didn't really watch The Brady 6 at all.

The dude's a born leader, cool as a cucumber under pressure (probably thrives on it tbh), makes everyone around him better (look at his receiving corps, most of them were rejected from other teams to include Wes Welker who has broken records working with Tom Brady). He also prepares for other teams to the point where I'm sure he neglects his family and personal life during the season. I'm sure a lot of players put themselves through hell in training and preparation; Tom Brady just does it 10x harder than they do.


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