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Tolls On My Body...


Hi all!

I'm starting to get a little concerned with how training hard is effecting my body short and long term. I now seem to have a crack when I stretch my back (happens 2-3 times a day, although it doesn't hurt). Also sometimes when I breath deep I get a pain in my shoulder... If I do some rotator cuff exercises / stretches something clicks and the pain goes away.

I've been thinking about getting a deep tissue massage monthly to help resolve these issues.

Anyone had any experience with these kinda things?

Any advice tips would be much appreciated.


When is the last time you took a solid week off?

Are you over training?
Have you seen a good chiropractor? Mine also has a medical Doctor in his offcie and they do X rays of the spine and agree on treatment.


I took a week off a couple of weeks ago, and don't think i'm over training. Hitting the gym 3-4 times a week for just over an hour and eating decently. I also get ALOT of sleep!! (In fact i've just woke up from an afternoon nap)

I haven't been to see a good chiropractor and if i'm honest I don't know alot about that they do. Could be an option though. Just want to see how much they cost :x


For any type of athleticism, strength is only part of the formula. Good job on hitting the weights.


What are you doing about flexability?
There is a good bit here on hypo/hypermobility of the joints. This is very important if you want to stay in the game (healthy) for any amount of time.

One of the best I've ever seen is Ian Kings Sport Specific flexability training videos. They are very good.


I'm not really doing anything for flexability... I'd def like to work on it though. Could you possibly link me to the article you mean so I can have a good read? (Any others too if you know of any). Thanks in advance.



That will take you directly to his educational resources. He also has a great deal of articles in the archives, but I'm not to savy with creating hyperlinks.

Good luck.


The Lazy Man's Guide to Stretching -
15 minutes to (joint) freedom!
by Ian King


Thanks for the links guys, gonna do some reading up tonight about it. I mainly get a bit of pain when I do this excercise:

Really wanna get more flexable and sort this problem out!!


Work hard-Sleep well-Eat healthy. You have those three legs of the table down pat! Now add the third leg: ACTIVE RECOVERY!

Things that include, but not limited to:

Ice, hot tub, swimming pool, massage, ultra sound...etc..

If you do a search here at T-Nation you will find some great articles on active recovery. In fact, I think CT just did one a couple months back.

Good luck and don't despair,



That may require some loosening of the front delt and pects along with strengthening of the rear delt., rhomboid, and a few others with rows, facepulls, and things of that nature.
But get checked and worked over by someone who can be sure.