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Tolerance to Thermogenics Over Time?


I don’t see this on most food labels on thermogenic products, though I came over the information that over time, they decrease in effectiveness. A site argues that point,

“Studies have shown that thermogenics to effectively reduce fat when used for less than 5-6 weeks, after which time, the effectiveness begins to disappear over the next 4-5 weeks. with over 8 weeks of continual use, tolerances establish and you see very little weight loss improvements.”

The article then recommends to take ‘some time off’

Anyone want to contribute with their experiences with uses of thermogenics, and cycling if you will?
I have only ever bought a months supply, then not bought another for a few months, and so avoided this problem.

I want to use them over an extended time to lean down for a fight in July (so 8 weeks), and hence I’m curious if I should do 3 weeks on, 1 off, repeat up to the fight, or continously supplement over the following 8 weeks.
The question is angled from fighting, but I’m sure bodybuilders trying to lean down for competitions 2 months off face the similar dilemma?

I forum searched thermogenics, cycling and pause/break, sorry if this has been brought up somewhere else.

Thank you for reading,

I have cycled them for sure - I know they do state, on HRX for example, that you obtain best results for continuous use but even something like only using them during the week I found was more effective for me.

Maybe not effective for results, but I felt the stimulatory effects for 2 months when cycling HRX on a 5 on/2 off approach so it does ‘feel’ like it’s working, better.

The article is right that you will adapt to the caffeine in thermogenics. Your idea of 3 weeks on/1 week off will work for the 8 weeks you need to, although after this time period you should probably take a month or so off.

I have only gone on cuts that last around 12 weeks, and what I did was basically what Berardi mentions in the “Get Shredded Diet” article (http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_diet_mass/the_get_shredded_diet). That is 1 week on, one week off (or on a different type of thermogenic like green tea).

Alternatively, you could just do a straight 4-5 week cycle at the end of your diet. A total difference of 1 or 2 weeks using/not using HOT-ROX or the like will probably not even matter. Remember that the thermogenic is just an aid, and its total effect pales in comparison to your training and diet.