Told'ya so (latest from Greg Palast)

Told’ya So
Yurica Report
Wednesday, October 15, 2003

"I am deeply unhappy to report on the accuracy of our report on the success of Ken Lay’s plan to have his governor, Mr. Schwarzenegger, sabotage state lawsuits against the electricity cartel.

The following is just in from journalist Katherine Yurica:

Arnold to Settle Lawsuits for Pennies on the Dollar

The Yurica Report has learned that only three days after Mr. Schwarzenegger won his victory in California, an aide announced that the governor-elect intends to settle pending energy fraud lawsuits. This apparently includes the suit filed by Cruz Bustamante under the California statute, Civil Code section 17200 ,of the Unfair Practices Act. The purpose of the act ?is to safeguard the public against the creation or perpetuation of monopolies and to foster and encourage competition? the Act expressly prohibits, ?unfair, dishonest, deceptive, destructive, fraudulent and discriminatory practices by which fair and honest competition is destroyed or prevented.“”

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MQ what you gonna do if/when greg pallast starts to write stuff that doesnt fit into your belief? Are you going to then just jump onto some other guy who does and act like pallast doesnt exist or will you say he was pressured/forced into covering it up?

Your constant conspiracy theories make me laugh. Aside from the sheer improbability, the revisionist history is something to behold. Here are links to articles about the cause of the CA energy crisis – unlike the explanation offered by Davis to cover his political ass (and for which he co-opted state resources to attempt to prosecute in court to extort settlements from the energy companies), these have actual economics and facts as background:

In other words, in case you don’t follow the logic from the articles, perhaps Der Arnold settled the suits because they had no merit, but he at least wanted to get enough money to cover the legal expenses of the state for the cost of the suits that were entered to provide cover for Davis’ butt.

For those too lazy to link to the articles, here is a key factual finding from the Davis lawsuits, which certainly would explain why any governor would want them to quietly go away:

It turns out, however, that publicly owned utilities charged the state an average of $344 for a megawatt of electricity during the first three months of the year. Private companies were meanwhile charging less than an average of $250 per megawatt. And those Houston-based “snakes” – Reliant, Dynergy, and Enron – were charging less than the publicly owned utilities, less than the sainted and celebrated L.A. Department of Water & Power ($292 per megawatt), less than the Sacramento Municipal Utility District ($330 per megawatt), less than other investor-owned California-based power marketers, and less than the overall market average. Other more ambitious sellers include those municipal “good neighbors” at Seattle’s City Light Department ($634 per megawatt), BC Hydro ($498), and virtually every other socialist power entity that bellied up to the California wholesale power market.

Oh yeah: Here’s a link about the Bustamante lawsuits, also entered into for political gain (to score points for Bustamante during the recall…).

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Im not trying to paint them all in the same corner. If it fits, statistically speaking (> 50%), then youve got some (the start of) a shred of truth in that saying.

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You guys are funny. Palast’s former profession was to investigate power companies to make sure they were obeying the rules. The UN even published a book by him called “Democracy & Regulation” or something liek that. He gets all kinds of stuff about power companies’ corruption, etc like doctoring records & breaking every kind of law known. Now he’s just investigating everyone else; same shit, different pile. I’ve said before that he’s an award-winning (American) reporter & he works for the BBC & the Guardian. Foreign media seems to cover the USA much better than the US media does. So it’s not just that “i want to believe” what he says, it just that he’s usually right. It seems like you guys just don’t want to believe it because it doesn’t coincide with your preferred view of your country.

Oh yeah, in case you don’t feel like checking out the report Yurica mentioned here it is:

"But Bush’s boys on the commission have a problem. The evidence against the electricity barons is rock solid: fraudulent reporting of sales transactions, megawatt “laundering,” fake power delivery scheduling and straight out conspiracy (including meetings in hotel rooms).

So the Bush commissioners cook up a terrific scheme: charge the companies with conspiracy but offer them, behind closed doors, deals in which they have to pay only two cents on each dollar they filched.

Problem: the slap-on-the-wrist refunds won’t sail if the Governor of California won’t play along. Solution: Re-call the Governor."

Remember this guy’s former profession was to investigate power companies, so he’s in his element.
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Pot/kettle/black? What’s so controversial everybody? Palast simply reported what he found in internal Enron memos. That’s not ambiguous at all, he even said where he got the stuff! I guess there’s a chance that someone at Enron just made it up, hoping the corporation got in more trouble. Maybe someone just began hitting random keys on a keyboard, filled up 37 pages & just happened to end up looking like something implicating Arnie in some kind of scandal. lol maybe it isn’t true at all!

oh yeah, you found the ONE unbias source of information. Go you.

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